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a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop to remove tissue from a bodily cavity


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Evaluation of three different manual techniques of sharpening curettes through a scanning electron microscope: a randomized controlled experimental study.
The instrument is on average 40 grams lighter than conventional all-metal curettes thanks to the unique trio of materials employed.
The subject of this call for quotations is the supply of three sizes of beckmann adenoid curettes with blade width of 10, 14 and 18mm respectively.
The curettes are molded from antimicrobial plastic and have an orientation mark for alignment of the tip from outside the ear.
This fluidjet powered tool combines the power of fluidjet technology with a unique curette design permitting surgeons to simultaneously cut, ablate, and remove hard or soft tissue - such as disc nucleus and endplate cartilage - quickly, safely and effectively, significantly reducing the need for additional instruments.
Featuring smaller blades honed at a 60-degree angle and with a modified, specially designed rigid shank, the curettes allow easier access and easier insertion under tight tissue.
They include curettes and wire loops of various types, microalligator forceps, and suctioning.
Scanning electron microscope evaluation of wear of dental curettes during standardized root planing.
5mm tip,Micro forceps with diamond dust cutting and round handle, 200mm, 8,Yasargil Micro needle holder, 200mm, 8,Micro Dissector, plate - shaped, 230mm, 9",Micro forceps with round handle and counter balance, 210mm, 8 1/4",Hardy Pituitary Curettes, 4mm, forward angled, straight,Nicola Malleable Pituitary Curette,Caspar 360 degree rotatable pituitary scissors,Metzenbaum Scissors, meddium size, Straight & Curved (one each),Nelson-Metzenbaum Scissor, medium size, curved,Micro-Adson%s Toothed Forceps, 150mm, 6,Micro-Adson%s Toothed Forceps, 180mm, 7,Standard Tissue Forceps, 145mm, 5 3/4"
Universal and Gracey curettes are the instruments of choice in sulci of normal depth.
Whitney Curettes and Sculps tools allow the surgeon to remove excess cement quickly during total hip and knee replacement surgeries with fingertip precision.
The opening was enlarged with Kuhn-Bolger frontal recess curettes and a microdebrider with a curved cutting blade.
6),Vertebral Spreader,Luer - Stille Bone Rongeur, 225mm, 9,Frykhon Bone Rongeur, 240mm, 9 1/2,Mayfield Bone Rongeur, 175mm, 7,Echlin Bone Rongeur, 230mm, 9,Gigli Saw Holder,Stille Periosteal Elevator, 205mm, 8",Freer Periosteal Elevator, 185mm, 7 1/4", sharp & blunt,Lexer Osteotome, 220mm, 8 3/4,Farat cub Raspatory, 140mm, 5 1/2,Caspar Bone Curettes, 3.
Whitney Curettes and Sculps Tools are ideal for removing excess bone cement during hip and knee replacement surgery.