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a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop to remove tissue from a bodily cavity


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Our savvy guests now have on the go information for all W Hotels, including access to W's signature Whatever/Whenever service, as well as exclusive music content curetted by our Global Music Director, Michaelangelo L'Aqua, from DJs all over the world.
A cyst located in the femoral neck at the subarticular surface was curetted and grafted with Norian, a bone graft substitute.
Curetted endometrial polyps are characterized by large, tissue fragments containing endometrial glands of variable size, altered stroma, and thick-walled vessels.
The patient was taken to theatre where the lesion was curetted, the defect filled with bone chips from an iliac autograft, and internal fixation performed.
The study included 57 nodular and superficial BCCs curetted without eleetrodesiccation.
A small amount of yellow-gray granulomatous tissue was curetted out.