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a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop to remove tissue from a bodily cavity


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The unique Gracey curette blade design features one lower cutting edge, which allows adaptation to a specific tooth surface.
When I feel the loop come through, I entrap it against the end of the curette and pull both the loop and the retrieval device out of the vagina.
The Spectrum Curette Storage Rack has been designed to protect and store a complete set of twelve Bruns curettes.
Her buccal mucosa was anesthetized, and a gravid female nematode was removed using a small spoon curette (Clin.
I used the biggest Fox curette I could find and got down to the base of the lesion.
There are many ways to try and remove the wax -- drops, flushing with water or peroxide, using a WaterPik, or, as a last resort, using an instrument called an ear curette to scrape the wax out.
The intrauterine curette was invented in 1843 and shortly thereafter declared too dangerous for practical use.
The purpose of the ear curette is to remove cerumen from the ear canal to overcome hearing impairment and to keep the ear canals clean.
Because he believed the cannula did not remove everything, he used a curette to scrape the uterus.
This prevents perforation and confirms adequate endometrial placement of the curette.
During my training, no one really showed me how to use an ear curette.
Spectrum's Curette Storage Rack has been designed to protect and store a complete set of twelve Bruns curettes.
The residual polymer can then be packed into the pocket using the underside of a curette.
For patients with abnormal-appearing nails, samples for mycologic analysis were taken either from nail surface scrapings or nail bed curette samples, depending on whether the appearance was consistent with white superficial onychomycosis, distal-lateral disease, or total nail dystrophy.