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a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop to remove tissue from a bodily cavity


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In early pregnancies dilation of the cervix is usually not necessary, vacuum curettes of 4 or 5 rum are used.
There are a variety of different samplers available, such as the Novak (Cooper Surgical, Trumbull, CT), the Kevorkian curette (Cooper Surgical), and the Vabra aspirator (Berkeley Medevices, Richmond, CA), but no systematic comparisons have been made between them.
also began soliciting contestants by e-mail, including Liz Curette, who was a New Hampshire resident who held the Miss Teen Granite State and the Miss Petite Teen East Coast North America titles, the complaint says.
The DermTec single-use, disposable Brewer Curette is an indispensable surgical instrument for resident wound care.
With a metal curette, my hand again over his, we scraped the gritty lining.
Biopsy samples were taken using a Pipelle Endometrial Curette (Unimar, Inc.
Maggots do a phenomenal job of cleaning out dead tissue [in portions of a wound] where your curette or scalpel blade can't go.
We progressed to the posterior cortex with a side-cutting bur and then thinned and removed the cortex and osteophytes using a combination of a diamond bur and retrograde curette.
He said he 'lobbed it away', and told the tribunal a sharp spoon, or curette, bearing a European Community CE, should have been offered to carry out the procedure of scraping off cartilage and damaged bone around the hip socket.
Gynetics also markets the GynoSampler Endometrial Curette, an endometrial sampling device used by physicians.
Combined with the recent launches of the quick-to-dough Kyphon Xpede[TM] Bone Cement and Kyphon Express[TM] Curette, we are delivering our most innovative, best-in-class technology to treat patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures.
I'm sickened with the thought of an unborn child's dream being interrupted by the slice of a curette, or the ingestion of poison, or the "snip" of her neck.
The purpose of the ear curette is to remove cerumen from the ear canal to overcome hearing impairment and to keep the ear canals clean.
En ces temps la, les choses se passaient en catimini, ni vue, ni connu, quelques coups de curette, une petite aspiration et le tour etait joue.