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a coagulated liquid resembling milk curd

coagulated milk

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The supreme champion was the deliciously gooey apple and cinnamon curd which is divine on hot buttered toast.
Though lemon curd is standard tea fare in the British isles, we tend to treat it as something of an indulgence here in the states, where it's carried in tea parlours, gourmet goodie shops and, occasionally, the local grocer.
According to information provided by Tina Ivie, program director of Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center's Cardiac Fitness Center, it's bean curd, made by a process similar to making cheese.
will give one lucky customer free Cheese Curds for an entire year, and an additional winner will be selected online at www.
Remove curds from sink and allow to set for one hour, stirring every 10 minutes.
Allow to stand about 20 minutes, when the curd will have set up nicely.
The company's curd then went head to head with 16 other category winners from across the UK to scoop the 'crAme de la crAme' of the awards, the overall title of Supreme Champion spon- sored by Fortnum and Mason.
A HANDMADE lemon curd made in North Wales from a 1960s recipe has scooped a top award for speciality foods.
If you like to start your day with porridge, English Provender recommends microwaving fresh porridge oats in a bowl for about a minute and then stirring in one of their award-winning curds, such as Lemon Curd, Jaffa Orange Curd or Pure Lemon Curd.
Using probe, return curds to 90 deg in microwave oven.
The plant manufactures milk, butter, kefir, sour cream, curds, glazed curds and yogurt along with the traditional dairy products of Bashkortostan.
When mixture has separated into curds and whey, cut curd into small cubes and return mixture to heat.
The Thursday Cottage range of jams, marmalades, curds and jellies are produced in small open pans, giving them a distinctive "home-cooked" flavour and texture.
Warm the curds and whey to 110[degrees]F, very slowly and gently.
Alnwick Rum jams and curds are currently available at Vallum Farm Shop, East Wallhouses, Northumberland and Moorhouse Farm Shop, Stannington Station, Northumberland.