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The reduction at curdling point in microbial load was due to the extremely high temperature that inactivates the microorganisms [18, 19] similar reports of reduction in microbial load were made by [4, 5, 6].
Every time I heard the blood curdling howls of an animal, the cheer and applause would be at its peak.
This temperature range can be raised without fear of curdling if other ingredients are added, for example, when starch is added to a pastry cream.
You can't heat cold milk with the eggs quickly without cooking the eggs too much and curdling the custard.
POCKETS OF DARKNESS So much buzz, so many lights, so many pockets of darkness So many unknown people, Turned down eyes, pavement watching, the reflected glare Of wet streets, Dark, dismal skies, litter, clutter in the city, it's my place, And I love it, he declared to himself, The mighty Tyne charging on, carrying its memories silently To the bosom of the ocean, The bridges of time and history, lamplights - rivulets of sparkle And glitter curdling on the water, Omnidirectional drizzle, swirling, buses screeching in his ears, Taxis streaking past, He checked his watch - there was time.
Tarantino, 47, claims the "blood curdling, pterodactyl-like screams" of 53-year-old Ball's birds are stopping him from working on his latest film.
Terrifying tales of nightmarish dreams, for the power of my quill can bring blood curdling screams.
A spokesman for the German pacifist anti-Nato Greens Party, described the president's remarks as "blood curdling," and compared him with Hitler.