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It was too bright and sunny on this especial morning for George's blood- curdling readings about "Bar.
He stood for a long time lost in thought, and at last a curdling smile lit up his swarthy face.
They had come almost to the spot when their ears were assailed by the weird and blood curdling yells of native warriors, and a moment later von Horn's escort dashed into view in full retreat.
Blood curdling cold waves have reigned over most of the areas of Balochistan where the temperature is reported to have fallen below freezing point.
One of the modern technologies employed in the curdling of milk is the use of commercial preparations of lactic acid bacterial cultures and milk coagulants, which are usually imported.
Which dish is made by curdling cream with wine, adding flavouring and frothing it up?
A medic in Sheikh Zayed Hospital in central Baghdad had said earlier in the day that Lami's health condition deteriorated due to complications over partial blood curdling.
A policeman yesterday described the "blood curdling howls" which alerted him to a dog fight taking place in a Birmingham kitchen appliance shop.