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the side of a sidewalk that is bordered by a curb

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So many counties across the state face the same challenges when it comes to marketing their curbside recycling programs.
Curbside pickup information is available at (800) HHW-PKUP.
The quality of curbside material in single-stream systems has deteriorated significantly," says Tex Corley, president and CEO of the Houston-based glass recycling company Strategic Materials.
Curbside is thrilled to have been chosen to provide valet, garage management, and shuttle services for the network," said John Udelson, CEO of Curbside, Inc.
Many of these non-deposit drinks, that have appeared since the bottle bill passed in 1982, are drunk on-the-go and will never be brought home and put in a curbside bin.
Built to resemble traditional bicycles, the electric bikes ("ElectroBikes") offered by Curbside Commuters provide travelers an affordable, efficient and eco-friendly method of transportation to avoid the infamous Los Angeles traffic.
We look forward to seeing even more curbside bins lining the streets filled with recyclables," Brandi Williams, public information officer for Charlotte's Solid Waste Services, says.
While curbside is popular with consumers, there is a downside for some restaurateurs - and that may be why you'll find some hold-outs, says Richard Martin, managing editor of Nation's Restaurant News, an industry trade publication.
1990 will be a critical year for curbside recycling programs.
Curbside was selected for their extensive experience in healthcare hospitality and welcoming services along with the success of their concierge service at Lake Pointe Medical Center, a sister facility," said Bill Henning, CEO of Centennial Medical Center.
Invitation to Bid: Terminal curbside improvements construction phase 2
The bottle bill is an economic incentive to increase recycling rates, just like pay-as-you-throw did for curbside recycling.
That's why Waste & Recycling News will celebrate this cultural innovation with a commemorative issue, "40 Years of Curbside Recycling.
Most curbside recycling collection programs collect only plastic bottles, so the tubs, trays and clamshells often are not recycled.
PALMDALE - Christmas trees put out curbside this week in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill will be ground up into mulch for local parks and street landscaping.