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an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter)

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This project generally consists of pavement rehabilitation and curb, gutter, sidewalk, and ramp upgrades and repairs including removal and replacement of asphalt pavement; cold milling and AC overlay of existing AC pavement; removal and replacement of asphalt pavement and base at localized areas; slurry sealing of asphalt pavement; removal and replacement of curb ramps with ADA compliant ramps; removal and replacement of cracked, lifted, and/or settled concrete curbs, curb and gutter, cross gutters, and sidewalks; pruning of tree roots and installation of root barriers; pavement restriping.
Consequently, old traffic signs around Mill Run have been replaced and the community was granted permission to repaint the curbs.
Plans are currently underway to release monogrammed curbs later this year.
An Engineer Inam Khan said that when streets and roads are newly built or altered, they must have ramps wherever there are curbs or other barriers to entry from a pedestrian walkway.
Saudi Arabia will largely maintain supply curbs to Asia in June,while deepening curbs to some European customers, industry sources said recently.
Kovacevich reported that some Matilija Avenue residents, including Brogin, were violating two obscure city ordinances by placing portable hoops above the curbs outside their homes -- and technically in the public right-of-way.
This project will reconstruct eight center plots along Allen Street and seven center plots along Pike Street as areas with plantings and paths, including new pavements and curbs, fencing and gates, bollards, benches, lighting, trees, ground cover and water supply.
Its parking curbs, for example, are used as an alternative to concrete.
A top farm ministry official indicated Monday that Japan may refrain from imposing full import curbs on three agricultural products which come mainly from China when their current temporary ''safeguard'' emergency curbs expire next month.
Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Takeo Hiranuma said Friday he plans to take into account China's response when deciding next month on whether to slap safeguard curbs on towel imports from China and Vietnam.
The board is conducting research to determine whether the warning surfaces are needed at curb ramps and hazardous vehicular areas (where a walk crosses of joins a road without separation by curbs or railings between pedestrian and vehicle areas) and to measure their effect on people with mobility impairments and other pedestrians.
They are also the most sceptical stakeholder group towards the ETS mechanism in general, especially regarding the need for the UK, as a mature economy, to bear the brunt of emission curbs.
ST-14/08-15" to install the required construction of ADA Curb Ramps and remove and reconstruct certain curbs, gutters and sidewalks, adjust to grade, existing traffic boxes, meters and others city owned facilities within the limits of the new ADA curb ramps.
Now, a not-so-neighborly fracas has developed along Matilija Avenue after a former City Council field deputy reported that some households were violating two obscure city ordinances by placing basketball hoops above the curbs outside their homes.
A trade ministry advisory panel compiled a guideline Wednesday for invoking import curbs under the safeguard mechanism of the World Trade Organization (WTO).