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the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)

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Jacobson said the Curatorial and Operations Center and the vehicle storage facility replaced two old barns that were part of the Morton family farm.
Apoyada tambien por el equipo curatorial del museo, el desempeno de Daniela Perez Villa sorprende no solo porque recibe un salario mayor a los 20 mil 436.
They join Mathaf director Abdellah Karroum, museum's curators and local archive specialists to participate in a variety of sessions during the Curatorial Summer Camp.
The role of this exhibition series is not only to conserve art over time, but to suggest paths for revisiting, re-experiencing, and seeing the selected artworks in light of current events and curatorial readings.
Exhibitions became stylized extensions of branded curatorial identities--physical manifestations of subjective curator self-presentation.
Our curatorial process began in September 2011, a few days before a group of protesters started occupying Liberty Plaza in New York.
There are other, deeper causes for the problem of curatorial rhetoric.
However, curatorial initiatives do also have an immense capacity to emerge as channels of introspection and debate , if they are anchored in a creative and critical thrust with the vision to allow and reconnect with history/ies; so that their discourses are not tailored for prestigious 'Prizes' ,'wanna-be' consumption, or just 'getting there'.
A strengthening of the curatorial role within the annual exhibition programme has seen the presentation of a number of exhibitions with themes around specific subjects, often focussing on an aspect of local cultural heritage of particular relevance or significance to the community.
Libby graduated with her master's in art history from Boston College in May; Borys says that "her experience and enthusiasm in research and exhibition development will be a tremendous asset to the curatorial team.
Other strategic partners include LinkTV for video, and Afropop Worldwide and Global Rhythm for editorial and curatorial content.
He then taught in various university departments and pursued freelance curatorial projects.
Collaboratively researched and co-authored the team of by Barry Till, Michiko Warkentyne, and Judith Patt (all of whom are from the curatorial department at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria), The Kimono Of The Geisha-Diva Ichimaru is a visually impressive photographic and informative biographical compendium of the life and success of the world renowned Japanese artist Ichimaru (1906-1997), and her collection of kimonos now owned by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
The curatorial concept will be organized around themes specific to both fields, including structure and surface, deconstruction and unveiling and spatial dynamics and urban identities.