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the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)

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In knitting artistic and curatorial form, "Materializing 'Six Years'" provides a rewarding glimpse of Conceptualism's emergence, but with ambivalent consequences for its feminism.
Fee is now able to make a curatorial dream come true with a trip to study the trade of the Muscat cloth of Oman, Arabian silks made for the East African market.
Govan, who will guide LACMA as it expands and unifies its campus, collections, and programs, and enhances its resources, will work closely with Melody Kanschat, President and Chief Operating Officer, and the museum curatorial staff.
The performance of the Jewish Museum as a device for historical interpretation, has caused much controversy even before installations have taken place, in the curatorial world - not only in Berlin, but internationally.
and the annual Discovery Night, where Patrons and guests learn which fascinating curatorial project YPC is financially supporting this year.
A luxury grand prize is on the line for players, but the real winners are the ROM curatorial staff--all event proceeds support the ROM Research Fund, a primary source of funding for critical curatorial research.
Participants--the expansive list features Amy Yao, Hank Willis Thomas, and Xaviera Simmons--were chosen in part via the institution's new Studio Visit website, thus saving the curatorial team a trek around a thousand-odd actual workspaces.
Candace Worth, vice president of their curatorial department and former assistant vice president of contemporary art at Christie's auction house in New York, works with corporate clients to develop an art collection that truly reflects the company's culture.
Beal was hired as director the following year in what was then an unusual dual-leadership arrangement, splitting LACMA's managerial and curatorial functions.
Hollett began his career on the curatorial staff at the National Museum of the American Indian, before becoming a conceptual design planner at the museum consultancy Ralph Appelbaum & Associates.
A new managing director, Dan Mayer, replaced Sara Pasti, who has been named director of curatorial affairs at the Henry Art Gallery.
With Philip Johnson acting as curatorial consultant, The Long View, is organized by Terence Riley, chief curator, Peter Reed, curator at the department of architecture and design for the Museum of Modem Art, and Frank E.
But as has been made explicitly clear by the fate of its permanent collection (now reorganized in a disconnected series of thematic units, AR August 2000), the Tate is determined to challenge the entire notion of conventional art history, with a fashionable curatorial disregard for chronology.
Once one accepted that the themes were curatorial fantasies, one could really enjoy a space such as "'Untitled' (Death by Gun)," which took the viewer from Chris Burden's Shoot, 1971, to Eddie Adams's Street Execution of a Viet Cong Prisoner, Saigon, 1968, and, via Roy Lichtenstein's 1968 Time magazine cover titled The Gun in America, on to a large 1988 photograph by Mat Collishaw of a bloody bullet hole in the back of someone's head.