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This expansion will allow Albemarle to meet the needs of our customers by continuing to provide high quality products and customer service and will strengthen our position as a leading supplier in the curatives industry.
The curatives business is part of the Company's Performance Chemicals global business unit.
Ancamine 2739 reactive amine curative for epoxy resins can provide excellent water-spot and blush resistance in adverse cure conditions while meeting even the most stringent regulatory and emissions requirements.
Amicure IC-322 curative was developed to help cure aliphatic isocyanates to address customers needs for high-performance topcoats with satin or low-gloss appearance.
Easy-to-handle aromatic diamine curative recently modified to greatly reduce odor while retaining performance
30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Albemarle Corporation(NYSE: ALB) announced today that it has greatly reduced the odor of its ETHACURE 300 liquid aromatic diamine curative used in both hot and room-temperature polyurethane cast elastomers and sealants.
Curatives for high-performance, heat-cured PUR elastomers include Conacure AH-33 MBOCA polyol curative with an equivalent weight of 280 that functions as a liquid MCOCA alternative; Conacure AH-40 non-MBOCA liquid aromatic diamine curing agent with equivalent weight of 133.
The activators and curatives were mixed in on the mill.
The crumb, activators and curatives were combined in the vessel and stored with heating to maintain the temperature in the range 60[degrees]C to 80[degrees]C.
As the masterbatch function does not involve the addition of curatives or accelerators and is essentially a heating operation, the mixing cycle may be carried out as rapidly as possible because there is no need to await cooling of the mixer between mixes.
The function of the lower tandem mixer is to accept the hot batch and to cool it prior to addition and incorporation and dispersion of the curatives.
competitive cost/performance, a number of new amine curatives have been offered over the past 10 to 15 years.
Curene series of urethane curatives includes Curene 442, a standard MBOCA-type material; Curene 185 for reduced hardness; and Curene 3005, a liquid curative for polyester-based pre-polymers.
Produces a series of urethane curatives called Curene.
Conacure AH-33: MBOCA polyol curative, having an equivalent weight of 280.