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Despite the large number of trials, the evidence supporting the usefulness of adjuvant chemotherapy in curatively resected gastric cancer patients is not yet definitive and no standard adjuvant chemotherapeutic regimen has been established.
32) From this waiver rule, the Court reasoned that Oklahoma intended that the nine peremptory challenges it chose to give capital criminal defendants necessarily include any peremptory challenges that a defendant might have to use curatively.
Around the world, as at Yashoda Institute, these advanced capabilities are enabling fast and precise treatments for a range of indications, particularly lung and liver cancer that have traditionally been difficult to treat curatively with traditional radiotherapy.
Patients who relapse or progress despite first-line treatment are still treated curatively with second-line or "first salvage" chemotherapy treatment.
Combined effect of prophylactic lymphadenectomy and long term combination chemotherapy for curatively resected carcinoma of the stomach.
Validation of a new classification system for curatively resected colorectal adenocarcinoma.
Positive VEGF immunostaining independently predicts poor prognosis in curatively resected gastric cancer patients: results of a study assessing a panel of angiogenic markers.
P53 mutational status improves estimation of prognosis in patients with curatively resected adenocarcinoma in Barrett's esophagus.
In July 2008, ERBITUX received marketing authorization in Japan to treat patients with EGFR-positive, curatively unresectable (inoperable), advanced or recurrent CRC, and to use in combination with irinotecan in second and further lines of mCRC.
Afinitor is also approved in the US as Afinitor tablets and Afinitor Disperz (TM) for pediatric and adult patients with TSC for the treatment of subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGA) that requires therapeutic intervention but cannot be curatively resected.