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a person authorized to conduct religious worship

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BEIRUT: The art history and curating programs at the American University of Beirut will benefit from "a major gift" made by alumnus and trustee Philippe Jabre.
TWO RECENT BOOKS about curating bear remarkably similar covers: capital letters in related fonts in alternating black and white against a plain ground, repeating the main terms of the title.
While most of the book discusses why publishers, marketers and individuals should curate content, one chapter provides a basic introduction to how the reader can start curating content using an array of free tools.
Librarians and curators can begin this important work by forming partnerships with those who are presently creating, curating, and collecting digital objects.
I'm equally excited to be curating for a cause and supporting the Endometriosis Foundation of America, which I dedicate so much of my time and efforts to.
Curating is the process of identifying the valuable, useful content in a particular category--like, for instance, femtocells--documenting it, adding context and then displaying it, all in a way that is meaningful and usable to people who are interested in that topic.
It's no surprise that Farocki, whose work has often critiqued institutions through preexisting images, should arrive at the insight that curating involves parallel archaeological practices.
Approach to curating premium and community content continues to bring in top advertisers to Dailymotion's growing audience in the US
We are very grateful to the celebrities who have put their fame and creative skills to good use by curating this special collection of items.
Neatly curating his own life full circle, he died of heart failure a few days later.
Americans value journalists' role in curating news and see amount of news online increasing; Ongo editorial team furthers news meta-curation with new Ongo functionality
Just as the key aspect for Dean was the process of curating (rather than the finished result), for visitors it was also the process of viewing that counted, and they were free to navigate the show as they wanted without feeling obliged to trace Dean's own route.
June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- LOUD3R, a technology company that provides publishers and marketers with a comprehensive platform for discovering, curating and publishing the most relevant, real-time content, today announced the launch of its new LOUD3R Curation Platform which features the ability to customize and curate content feeds in real-time.
It doesn't take X-ray vision to discern that instead of actual thought, the curating amounts to a stroking of particular collectors, gallerists, and lackluster heads of MFA programs.
Yet according to Daniel, Matmos's process is far from entirely predetermined: "Some of our projects work that way, but we also work in a kind of free-associative drift manner, and then the curating only shows up retroactively.