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a person authorized to conduct religious worship

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Wednesday // December 2nd Mazism Miami (PREVIEW) w/ Rachid Kallamni Music curated by Monqiue Sponsored by ABSOLUT
It's Glam Up North: Curated by |Rankin runs at the Museum of Liverpool from September 25 to December 6.
LONDON: CURATED BY TANYA BARSON) Another first international retrospective (the third of this year's Brazilian triumvirate) promoted the philosophical and intellectual sources that give life to Schendel's deeply probing and existential oeuvre of geometric abstrac-tion--whether language, the book format, or mathematical systems--and in the process displayed many astonishing works, some never before seen.
Streaming music radio, curated station and track play listening hours are spinning ahead at a 2013 growth rate of 47.
For her first campaign, Roxanne Genier has curated both Alfons & Isadore, a premium brand that creates luxury towels made without compromise in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, and Vinotemp, a leader in the wine storage industry that has been building premium wine cabinets for over 25 years.
Vayama Introduces Beta Version of New Curated Results Functionality, Allowing International Travelers to Find More, Search Less.
Vayama said that, as part of its brand re-launch, curated results removes the clutter and complexity from international travel search.
A single blog post that presents "The 30 Most Important Social Media Statistics" is a curated collection.
He was soon down in Oxford for the opening of his first curated show.
BIRMINGHAM'S connection to West Africa is to be highlighted in an exhibition of textiles that will be curated by city students.
Well Hung," is a new exhibition curated by Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall, artists known as Mint & Serf.
coli proteins, The Blueprint Initiative has announced that scientists at its Toronto node have curated this data into the freely available, open-source Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND).
The third exhibition, Flow, curated by artist Saskia van Stein, took a more abstract approach, presenting a series of landscape projects inspired and determined by water's dynamism, rather than fighting and containing it.
effective, development has been the noticeable increase in double-barreled exhibitions: "Matisse Picasso" (MOMA Tate, Pompidou, 2002-2003; curated by John Elderfield, Kirk Varnedoe, John Golding, Elizabeth Cowling, Isabelle Monod-Fontaine, and Anne Baldassari); "Van Gogh-Gauguin: the Studio of the South" (Art Institute of Chicago, 2001-2002; curated by Douglas Druick); "Manet-Velazquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting" (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Reunion des Musees Nationaux/ Musee d'Orsay, 2003; curated by Gary Tinterow and Genevieve Lacambre); and "Schoenberg, Kandinsky and the Blue Rider" (Jewish Museum, New York, 2003; curated by Esther da Costa Meyer and Fred Wasserman).
The precious incunabula of the digital age that will be cherished and studied tomorrow will not endure long unless they are collected and curated today.