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a Mexican man who practices healing techniques inherited from the Mayans

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In Don Luis' words, "Doctors know how to cure some illnesses and Curanderos know how to cure others; each one has a place and both are important.
For example, the anthropologist in Castillo taught courses at the University of Houston on Mexican-American culture, and had spent over two years interviewing people involved with curandero practice and reading about similar practices.
Curanderos (healers) within this lineage still help people with many complaints--from the physical to the spiritually giving the affected person a limpia, a specialized ritual for bringing balance back to the body and spirit.
The authors concluded that curanderos use may be decreasing in the United States due to available medical treatment or may be under-reported due to fears related to malpractice or misunderstanding (Higginbotham, Trevino, and Ray, 1990).
Medical practitioners who deal with physical disease and specialize in herbal curing are called curanderos, while the hechiceros or yatiris deal primarily with mental disease and the cultural, environmental, psychological, and social causes of disease.
A doctor and a nurse staff the health center one day a month to take care of anyone not helped by their own curanderos and comadronas.
of New Mexico, Albuquerque) offers an insider's rather than New Age account of this tradition and his meetings with three famous curanderos.
Curanderos, unlicensed faith healers who dispense a wide range of treatments and are believed by patients to possess unique curative powers, are the backbone of the system.
Instead, they see Andean folk healers, called curanderos or chamanes, who treat mental illness as a spiritual disease.
The students also learn about traditional folk healers called curanderos who use alternative healing methods in conjunction with herbal medicines to treat patients.
General health and illness issues are handled by women who commonly employ folk remedies that are passed down from older relatives or curanderos (folk healers).
As I grew into adulthood I also acknowledged another tradition of my culture, which was the old ways of our healers--los curanderos.
To judge by the Spanish sources, these berdaches were neither curanderos nor healers, and in no way acted as spiritual mediators or shamans or priests between the material and spiritual worl d.