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a Mexican man who practices healing techniques inherited from the Mayans

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Her horse, Corazon, is stolen and killed, and she becomes the apprentice to Dona Felicia, the curandera who believes Caridad has special powers for healing.
In Bless Me, Ultima, Ultima is no different from other curanderas.
Traditional Mexican curanderas, modern women folk healers who have inherited their wisdom from the ancient Mayan culture, continue to use the story as a means to rejuvenate the spirit.
the healing arts as practiced by wise curanderas, but on the other hand, it's so silly and well, boring (except maybe if you're a teenage Latino girl aspiring to be a material girl in America, and you think a little benign magic wouldn't hurt) that it doesn't exactly inspire awe at the Mexican tradition.
As curanderas in the classroom and participants in a community accountability process, we behold testimonies of violence, and we heal and seek to transform our trauma and our communities.
Weil graduated from Harvard Medical School and traveled to South America hoping to find answers from curanderas.
Not satisfied to remain a ladylike hobbyist--however passionate and civic minded--she soon embarked on serious work in ethnobotany, focusing on medicinal plants and studying Spanish in order to interview curanderas (women healers) in the villages of northern New Mexico.
Merken is also a key ingredient in Kultrun dipping oil, which is named after the jultrun drum used by the Mapuche medicine women, the Curanderas.
A report by Baldwin et al (2011) found survivors of sex trafficking in the US had undergone brutal experiences: 'Sex trafficking survivors reported visiting traditional healers, known as curanderas.
Another thread is the connection to healers or curanderas.
Nowhere is that truer than in the backroom shops where las curanderas -- fortune tellers well-schooled in the black arts -- sell their cures and curses and read tarot cards for a five dollar glimpse at the future.