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Synonyms for curacoa

flavored with sour orange peel


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You can have fun with colours by using liqueurs such as Blue Curacoa, green Midori or Chartreuse, or even creme de menthe for a very fresh taste.
25) HMS Curacoa departed Sydney on 22 September in company of another Royal Navy vessel HMS Eclipse, which was towing the Sydney constructed gunboat Waikato.
A TO correct your previous answer, the Queen Mary sank HMS Curacoa.
After lifting off from Townsville and soaring over a sapphire Coral Sea, the pilot of the eight-seater amphibious Cessna Caravan soon points out such islands as Great Palm, Fantome and Curacoa before sweeping down along the east shore of Orpheus and across the low spine of its isthmus.
They inhabit the spot where the Queen Mary rammed the military cruiser HMS Curacoa off the cost of Ireland in 1942.