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Antonyms for curable

curing or healing is possible


capable of being hardened by some additive or other agent

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Stringent environmental regulations pertaining to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and remarkable curing properties of UV curable inks would increase their adoption in the publication sector.
In the current scenario, UV curable inks have emerged as an ideal alternative to solvent and water-based ink technologies owing to its suitability over a variety of substrates.
Delayed presentation or referral in such low resource settings converts a large number of potentially curable cancers into incurable disease.
Mumbai, March 25 (ANI): It was a special day for children suffering from cancer as they walked the ramp with Miss India 2009 finalists in western Mumbai on Tuesday, to create awareness that cancer is curable and raise funds for an NGO engaged in fighting cancer.
Eighteen months later, the resident filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the nursing home because she "suffered a left leg amputation from a totally preventable, treatable, and curable bedsore on her left heel.
Although the majority of respondents correctly identified HIV as a major STD (91%),just 2% could name all eight major STDs; 9% and 3% could name the four curable and four incurable ones, respectively.
Series E04 2-part epoxy and 465 UV curable adhesive are both used for wire tang reinforcements.
For example, though this has again become controversial, screening mammography has been shown to find breast cancer early enough in many cases to be curable, but CT has not been found to have such capability.
If detected early enough, however, the disease is curable with surgery and radiation treatments.
This is another example of Hexion's commitment to provide premium UV technology that will simplify and enhance our customers' experience in the press room," says Willis Reese, Director of Hexion's Global UV Curable Business.
A new report by Allied Market Research titled, "World UV Curable Inks-Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020," forecasts that the world UV curable inks market would garner a revenue of $3.
In this interview, he answers some questions on the basic technology and applications for radiation curable coatings and technology.
3 Bonding Gum 125%C Naturally Curable MT290A KG 5520