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Synonyms for cur

Synonyms for cur

an inferior dog or one of mixed breed

a cowardly and despicable person

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The strategic pillars have clearly resulted in a more dynamic and engaged Council: Former CUR President Mary Crowe estimated in her plenary address at the 2013 Annual Business Meeting that the engagement of the CUR volunteer base increased by more than 25 percent in the first two years of the Lancy Foundation's funding for governance revitalization.
We must be proactive in reaching out to and engaging this changing and growing membership, since many members may not yet be fully aware of all that CUR has to offer.
Director Maggie Cahalan and her colleagues at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education stressed at the February 2015 CUR Dialogues conference in Washington, D.
00 mg of Cur per 1 mL), and the sample injection was repeated six times.
According to the results, there is positive direction in gender and Cur.
Some good news: integration of UR into curricula is clearly accelerating, as witnessed by the excellent articles in the fall 2016 and winter 2016 issues of CUR Quarterly.
I also trained bird dogs until I got a Carolina Cur about 14 years ago.
Treatment with the combination of CUR and THQ was the most effective therapies in the attenuation of liver injury assessed by a decrease in ALT and ALP activities down-regulation of Bax and CD68 expressions.
The second step in measuring the CUR is to determine each hospital's capacity with constant fixed inputs, allowing variable inputs to be unrestricted (consistent with Johansen's definition of capacity).
Study Design: Cur treatment was evaluated through in vivo studies using a murine model of acute T.
Keynote speaker Dr Julio Rivera, Professor of Management & Marketing and Geospatial Science at Carthage College and CUR former Provost and Emeritus President, made a presentation on "The Ordinary and Extraordinary of Undergraduate Research".
Tha ceist ann mu ca a bheil na fir, is cho beag aca a' cur a steach airson farpais an t-seann nois, a tha a-nis air aite a ghabhail mar phriomh dhuais.
Cur, the protagonist, begins the story still in the army, and the novel tracks his attempts to make a life for himself afterward, mostly through his relationship with his fellow "timberwolves.
Sed cum videatis, litteras, muam's et gymam vost fissure velstrost ad sum consost, quama virtis distcam aperfams 100 existis, deinde nihus circa pas pravos esse, cur non praem educnem contitis?
The seasonally adjusted CUR has been on an uptrend since January this year and the continuation of this trend would be a positive signal for the growth outlook.