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Synonyms for cupule

cup-shaped structure of hardened bracts at the base of an acorn


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a sucker on the feet of certain flies

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The formation of a pink color in the whole cupule was scored as a positive reaction.
The cupule and peel of oak were harvested from natural habitats in Dinarvand village in Lorestan provenance from Iran.
In Ficinia, a cupule grows out from the hypogynous stalk, which is persistent on the fruit.
Female flowers and cupules of Balanopaceae, an enigmatic rosid family.
The nut is an acorn partially to almost entirely enclosed in a scaly, cup-shaped cupule.
a fully patinated pit or cupule on the outer edge of the shelf which forms a lip around the shelf which contains the engraved radiating form; an area measuring 3 X lcm was excavated in two layers from the southern lip of the smaller of two pits (PS4-B, see Figures 5 and 7).
For the most part, the cupule arrangements seem abstract in appearance and enigmatic in meaning.
More than 1100 maize cupule and kernel fragments were recovered (Miksicek et al.
A clearly figurative outline motif is easiest to detect, while a cupule or a line may go unnoticed, or be interpreted as a natural mark.
Sur un autre plan, les cupules de glands peuvent fournir d'excellentes teintures naturelles.
The cell suspensions from each strain were used to inoculate the cupules of the API ZYM strips.
This high landform he called "the hill of the Blood Sacrifice" or Kekip-Sesoators, and in addition to its lofty prominence he described the Sesoators, a boulder engraved with petroglyphs including a crescent moon, a star and numerous cupules and channels.
Development of inflorescences, cupules, and flowers in Amphipterygium, and comparison with Pistacia (Anacardiaceae).
Although findings were based on samples from various types of formations that exist in Qatar, the study highlights the most common types of petroglyphs in the country called cupules.
The oldest known rock art is a 300,000-year-old panel of small chipped cups, called cupules, found in India.