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of or containing divalent copper


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Nanosized cuprous oxide particles (nCOP) were prepared through a typical chemical reduction method using hydrazine hydrate as the reducing agent described by Wang et al.
With their process, cuprous oxide can be simply and effectively protected from contact with water, making it possible to use it as a semiconductor.
The expected histochemical products in this reaction are cupric ferrocyanide (Karnovsky's precipitate) and cuprous thiocholine iodide (resulting from the reduction of ferricyanide and cupric ions by thiocholine).
A large number use the inorganic compound cuprous oxide.
NRW's goal was to create awareness of the need to minimize the use of sloughing, ablative and cuprous oxide (copper) bottom paints, and the end result has been overwhelming.
He prepared nanofluids based on deionized water containing different concentrations of silver, copper, cuprous oxide and aluminum oxide and stabilized nanoparticles and injected them to the experimental system.
The copper metal goes into solution as copper one (also known as cuprous ions, or [Cu.
Hydroxyl radical formation from cuprous ion and hydrogen peroxide: A spin-trapping study.
1976) in the production of benzophenone azine from benzophenone by passing ammonia and oxygen in the presence of zinc chloride and cuprous chloride.
The Clinitest method detects reducing substances in urine by their conversion of cupric sulfate to cuprous oxide.
The resulting surface analysis, before and after post-treatment, typically shows changes in composition and a further increase in the ratio of cuprous oxide to cupric oxide.
The EDS analyses of the grains consistently indicate a high Cu-S ratio which is suggestive of a cuprous sulphide such as chalcocite or djurleite.