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a mineral consisting of cuprous oxide that is a source of copper

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Ground-Truthing Aviris Mineral Mapping at Cuprite, Nevada.
In the Holy Ambrogio altar, the team found "microcracks and a dense population of cuprite ([Cu.
Mapping of hydrothermal alteration in the Cuprite Mining District, Nevada, using aircraft scanner images for the spectral region 0.
Primary copper mineralisation consists of chalcocite, bornite and chalcopyrite, with secondary mineralisation (chalcocite, chrysocolla, covellite, cuprite, azurite and wad) occurring along structures.
In particular, the black surface of Japanese Shakado is associated with the establishment of a layer of a copper oxide, cuprite, which is modified by a relatively small concentration of gold and silver in a manner which subtly modifies its natural colour.
Removal of the waste rock revealed the presence of some extreme unexpected and unknown high grade copper and silver ores, such as the important copper ore mineral bornite, the beautiful crystal covellite, and the high yielding copper ore cuprite.
The 10-cm specimen shows brilliant green acicular crystals of atacamite to 3 cm forming tight sprays which fill a cavity in massive cuprite.
The copper mineralization at Bay L'Argent consists of: chalcocite, malachite, and locally bornite, azurite, cuprite, and covellite which replaces diagenetic pyrite.
Within the silicified chert horizon, mineralisation comprises oxide, malachite and minor azurite trending with depth through a transitional cuprite and native copper zone into a secondary enriched chalcocite zone.
Oxide mineralization comprising cuprite, malachite, azurite, limonite associated with 1-3% quartz veins was noted to a depth of 314m.
Completely Oxidised (top 25-35 metres) - to an iron oxide-quartz fragment gossan/ironstone with local malachite - atacamite - chrysocolla - cuprite mineralisation.
Also, promisingly, Evan had a couple of Milpillas specimens showing brilliant red crystal druses of cuprite, with individual crystals pushing 1 cm.
They include carnallite, cuprite, dolomite, gypsum, halite, hematite, magnesite, pyrite, quartz, rectorite, rinneite, sylvite and syngenite.
HDD046 has intersected the copper minerals malachite, cuprite, native copper and minor chalcocite from 84m down hole.