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a vertical cylindrical furnace for melting iron for casting

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a roof in the form of a dome

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Cast Iron melted by cupola furnace exit hole through which flows into the channel makes possible the movement of the molten cost iron to the furnace auxiliary bathroom.
When Benton Foundry brought in a new 10-ton Inductotherm furnace in the 1990s, the casting facility opted to remove its existing cupola furnace to make room.
recently won first place in the ASM International 2010 Undergraduate Design Competition for creating a cupola furnace.
PROBLEMS--The cupola furnace baghouse at Acme Foundry needed replacement.
Because the cupola furnace improvements reduced operating costs, resulting in less heat and gas load for the new gas handling system, Kuttner was able to design a smaller and less expensive gas handling system that includes a recuperator, two-stage gas cooler and baghouse.
The event provided an opportunity for the artists to express themselves not with a paint brush and a palette, but with a cupola furnace and molten metal.
The cokeless cupola furnace has shown reductions of energy consumption and carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide expulsion in metalcasting facilities in Europe.
The cupola furnace generates, worldwide, more than 60% of the liquid iron used for the production of gray and ductile iron castings.
His new project is a small iron melting cupola furnace.