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resembling the shape of a cup

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The accessory gland in Carvalhomiris is inserted into a cuplike depression, in which the area of insertion is membranous and the surrounding area is well sclerotized.
1H) all of about same size and similar structure; all articles distinct, dactyli reduced, their short tips inserted into cuplike receptacles produced on anterolateral corners of propodi; distal ends of meri sparsely setose; bases lacking carinae.
Hummingbirds (Trochilidae), which are predominantly nectarivorous, lay invariably two eggs in nests that are mostly of cuplike, occasionally also domed or semi-domed, architecture (Schuchmann 1999).
Palpal tibia with one cuplike apophysis, dark brown to black, long, broad with 3 thick serrate setae (Fig.
This fixture is made with a cuplike flare at one end (the bell) and plain at the other end (the spigot).
The rose's distinctive qualities include its cuplike, old-fashioned shape and romantic-styled blooms, striking dark red color resembling vintage wine, and a classical mild rose fragrance.
He says some prefer the name "tulip tree" because it captures the look of the cuplike flowers in spring.
Add a sprinkle of light-emitting diodes and a pinch of tiny, cuplike casings.
Long lines of cliff breaking have left a chasm; And in the chasm are foam and yellow sands; Beyond, red roofs about a narrow wharf In cluster; then a mouldered church; and higher A long street climbs to one tall-towered mill; And high in heaven behind it a gray down With Danish barrows; and a hazelwood, By autumn nutters haunted, flourishes Green in a cuplike hollow of the down.
d)Podostemoideae posses an additional envelope, homologous to prophylls or leaves (spathella), whereas Tristichoideac have a cuplike cover (Cupule) (Rutishauser, 1997.
It builds open cuplike nests that allow the cuckoo to deposit its egg quickly.
Tall, wispy plants with pink cuplike flowers; blooms November through April where winters are mild, May to August elsewhere.
During their analyses, the scientists realized that previous investigators had misidentified a delicate, cuplike feature that projects into each of the chambers at the rear of the creature's head.
95) as starters brought forth a deep cuplike container of earthy soup that seemed almost enough to be a meal by itself, especially with the house's thick, crusty garlic toast, and a satisfying version of Tex-Mex egg rolls.