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resembling the shape of a cup

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Anticalin proteins are also suited for engaging small and compact ligands owing to their cuplike binding pocket.
Masa or waina is a fermented puff batter made of Rice, Maize or Millet cooked in a pan with individual cuplike depressions.
02g fresh weight; Passos & Oliveira 2003), which are partially surrounded by a cuplike, red, fleshy, aril-like endocarp.
reported a higher frequency of normal cytogenesis and Flt3 gene mutations of internal tandem duplication in patients with cuplike blasts than normal morphology, although it was statistically insignificant (14).
The purple veins and yellow stamens bear two-to-three feet cuplike blossoms and 12-inch wide foliage.
In this study, we test the hypothesis that the large cuplike shell of the Pacific oyster, with its coarsely ridged and fluted exterior, provides suitable settlement habitat for wild JSCs.
As blood flows through a vein, the cuplike valves alternately open to allow blood through, and then close to prevent backflow.
The pureed beer-flavored beans - just OK - along with a zucchini and roasted corn succotash (calabacitas) - very flavorful - were presented in separate mini cuplike tostada shells.
The hypostase is situated above the chalazal vasculature and, depending on the form of the nucellar base, it may be present as cluster of cells, or a disk- or cuplike cell (BOUMAN, 1984).
7); cuplike sclerite with medial area fiat, not raised from surface of genital capsule, its caudal margin not surpassing apex of genital capsule, raised left portion larger than right portion; insertion of parameres located on a horizontal plane; right paramere (Fig.