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hook (usually on the underside of a shelf) for hanging cups

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Illustrating a digital signature requires using the cup hook referred to above.
If you want to, you can sand the part of the dowel above the whorl so it tapers to the edges of the cup hook.
Or, make your own zipper pull by screwing a small cup hook into a dowel.
Install cup hook (to secure string when curtain is raised) in the 1/2-inch dowel, about 3 inches from the right-hand end.
The scheme intends to replace goals made before 1996 (when British Standards were produced); goals with metal cup hooks on posts and crossbars - which will be considered illegal from the 07/08 season; wooden goalposts; freestanding goalposts; mini-soccer goals which have parts missing; and rusted goalposts.
Finally, season the butchers block with a little olive oil and add a couple of chrome cup hooks for that extra pizzazz.
Pieces include: a bread box and crumber, sold as a set and separately; a curio cabinet that works as a spice rack and has cup hooks on the bottom; a smaller, more basic spice rack; a combination napkin/condiment caddy; a coaster set, and a trivet.
Players hang cards with pictures of animals and the first letter of the animals' names as well as cards with only the written animal names on cup hooks adjacent to the corresponding plastic animal.
Outfit fabric panels of your choice with three grommets to a side and secure to cup hooks in the frame.
The guidelines also remind teams that metal cup hooks will be banned from next season.
To finish Nathaniel's nursery, Nicola colourwashed a couple of cheap shelves, hung some pictures round the walls, and used ribbon, attached to brass cup hooks in the ceiling, to suspend lots of windchimes and mobiles.
Under the long narrow Formica counter hangs a rod with cup hooks to hold the power tools of the trade - clippers, blow dryers and curling irons.