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European biennial widely cultivated for its blue or violet or white flowers

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Twenty individuals entered the contest, which invited high school and college students to create the iconic spoon, cup and saucer casting that represents the mastery of the metalcasting process.
In the 19th century, as well as the finely painted vignettes exemplified by the cup and saucer shown here, Berlin became famous for its porcelain plaques and lithophanes.
That could be the rallying cry in a fight to save our old traditional way of making a tea from a pot with a cup and saucer.
com TIME FOR TEA [bar] This limited edition Staffordshire bone china cup and saucer is adorned with intricate artwork by Japanese illustrator Yoskay Yamamoto.
com JOLT your senses this spring with a shot of strong caffeine in this dinky cup and saucer from pottery designer Emma Bridgewater.
Informal dining promoted by celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver may also have contributed to the new trend, along with Lady Gaga whose accessory of choice was a cup and saucer back in 2010.
Coolurbanchic MODERN urbanites, look no further than the Lyon cup and saucer from Pied a Terre for House of Fraser.
The international pop sensation was pictured drinking from a china cup and saucer earlier this year and was bizarrely seen walking round cup and saucer in hand wherever she went.
I am in possession of a large cup and saucer in blue and white china, written on it Thomas Twining 1675-1741.
A MATCHING porcelain cup and saucer, separated for over 200 years, have been reunited thanks to a sharp-eyed museum curator.
She kicked up a stink and demanded someone get her cup and saucer back," the Sun quoted a source as saying.
As I sipped from my ceramic cup and saucer over the next few minutes, I considered the implications for a restaurant that doesn't make styrofoam, plastic, or paper cups an option for customers.
The Vegan Carrot Cake from Cup and Saucer Cafe in Portland looks scrumptious, and Simple Treats' Pumpkin Spice Blondies are quite unique.