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Synonyms for cunt

a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked

obscene terms for female genitals

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The murdered man is a kind of doppelganger for Brian, an infamously irritating know-it-all with a more than similar nickname: 'The Blind Cunt and the Smart Cunt; a tale of two cunts' (279) is how Brian articulates their entwined lives.
They want us to give up buggery, so that it may belong entirely to them, and make us take up again the cunts they have rejected and disdained.
To be taught about, to be studied, to be written about, not as cocks and cunts, but as gays.
Kathy Acker's Blood and Guts in High School (1978) is a messy novel filled with nihilistic divagations and high-theory musings, juvenile drawings of cunts and cocks, unstable characters on a bombastic path of nonbecoming.
Like the Quays' and Lynch's hungry houses, Coover's House of Rue contains "deep dells," pits and pendulums; clocks like cunts split open, their works springing out like wild hairs (Charlie in the House of Rue)--an image which precedes and evokes the Quays exactly.
is proving to men and showing women that their cunts no longer have to be dominated by a hard thrusting cock.
The performance lasted about ten minutes and resulted in several messages, including RELAX IT'S ONLY A CRAP REENA SPAULINGS SHOW (a reference to Carpenter's most recent exhibition, "Relax It's Only a Bad Cosima von Bonin Show"); I HATE YOU THE ART WORLD YOU CUNTS (backwards, across two paintings and the intervening piece of wall); I LIKE CHRIS WOOL; and DIE COLLECTOR SCUM.
More explicitly than in Atomised, Farquhar here renders sex an abstraction; and the joke of those lifeless shells "turning on" these pinball-machine cunts is hilariously blunt.
Posters function best when they attract attention from a distance, and while Kayrock and Wolfy's work succeeds by this criterion, more entertaining are the small details one might miss on the fly: a snowman smoking a pipe in a poster for Nada Surf's tour, or the small isolated faces of Bush, Condi, Colin, Rummy, and, yes, Hitler, in one for a show by The First Lady of Cuntry & The Cunts.
A drawing titled Dear Neighbours (all works 2005) depicts a hand writing a note that reads: DEAR NEIGHBOURS, PLEASE KEEP THE FUCKING NOISE DOWN YOU INCONSIDERATE BUNCH OF STUPID CUNTS.
Five Click Cunts, 1969, drawings in Prismacolor on muslin, resemble daisy-wheel specula or labial viewfinders, the bodily associations of which are emphasized by their title's verbal cue.
I thought of some of Jack's fantasies: "I have this obsession with cunts and the insides of things.