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Synonyms for cunt

a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked

obscene terms for female genitals

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Procurement Insurance Heritage By Patrolling and Guarding Fixed Positions A1 Motorway, Cunt - Soimus Km 292 + 450 - Km 369 + 110
I am a nymphomaniac and I love myself for being one, but, above all, I love my cunt and my filthy, dirty lust.
Again I make the two of them eat each other out but it starts failing to turn me on--all I can think about is blood and what their blood will look like and though Torri knows what to do, how to eat pussy, it doesn't subdue me and I push her away from Tiffany's cunt and start licking and biting at the pink, soft, wet cuntness while Torri spreads her ass and sits on Tiffany's face while fingering her own clit.
She considered asking him whether Brian knew the difference between an IUD and a diaphragm, a hysterectomy and an oophorectomy, a vagina and a cunt.
10), in contrast with speed and ecstasy, is not a social drug, as Renton relates: "Whereas the piss-held in the pub wants every cunt tae git as ootay it as he is, the real junky (as opposed tae the casual user who wants a partner-incrime) doesnae gie a fuck aboot anybody else.
Not only is Denise controlling, for instance, 'always [deciding] what will be the appropriate drink for his friends' ('A Smart Cunt', 241), he is also aggressive and violent, threatening to 'BATTER YIR FUCKIN CUNT IN, SON
A "doodle" that could be confused with a bedpost was hardly in a state of repose, and Maxcy signed this particular letter, "your cunt humble.
My parents came from Ireland, where the word cunt is literally a word your mother and father would use to describe the weather or the car: "That cunting car won't start
burning like a warrior you rise--a figurehead of fire--you grab death like a runt and plough its nose right through your fleeced and drybaked cunt
is always into mamma's cunt, which is what the Paleolithic caves represented, I suppose, with their meander-and-descent patterns.
There was the lovely cunt, its red surface well nigh hidden by white thick sperm.
3999) Glyco cunnum lingit a(ssibus) II 'Glyco licks cunt for 2 asses', and (CIL.
portray the cunt as a hardman and stud extraordinaire" (Welsh 1993, 308):
Tomes have now been devoted to exposing female stereotypes--Elizabeth Wurtzel's Bitch, Inga Muscio's Cunt, Leora Tanenbaum's Slut, and Betsy Israel's Bachelor Girl, to name a few.