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Synonyms for cunt

a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked

obscene terms for female genitals

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Calling someone, man or woman, an asshole may be rude, crude and a bit lewd, but it has a mild impact when compared with cunt.
She has said in interviews that the most common submissions are cunt, bitch, slut, and mother, although others, if less ubiquitous, are no more generous.
No to demeaning someone who decides to sustain a friendship or a relationship with someone who has shoved or raped or called someone a cunt and who is trying to work on these issues with their friend
Fast Feminism's censorious tribulations, preceding its final publication with Autonomedia and recounted by Bell in the text, are a case in point: no less than four academic presses eagerly solicited or accepted Bell's manuscript only to reject it, sometimes within days, because timid press presidents and senior editors, with final say, still blush when met with a philosophy that has a pulse and a cunt.
With wisdom for facing the fears of death, finding closure, and making the last moments cunt, "Peaceful Passage" is a strong pick for anyone faced with these unfortunate circumstances.
He engages the body in dynamic physical and sexual characterizations--none too inappropriate or unsuitable for expression-because, as he puts it, "fuck, the real thing, cunt, the real thing, seems to contain some unidentifiable element which is far more dangerous than nitroglycerin" (192)--dangerous to the phallocentric superstructures so long concerned with restraining individual impulses under the guises of morality, decency, and even political correctness.
Not only is Denise controlling, for instance, 'always [deciding] what will be the appropriate drink for his friends' ('A Smart Cunt', 241), he is also aggressive and violent, threatening to 'BATTER YIR FUCKIN CUNT IN, SON
My parents came from Ireland, where the word cunt is literally a word your mother and father would use to describe the weather or the car: "That cunting car won't start
When a female high school student reported that despite the fact that she was not a Hillary Clinton supporter, she was sickened "that someone would make a group like this," a male peer responded with "hey shut up cunt.
The Village Voice of January 23, 2007 includes "Sara Silverman is my Kind of Cunt," by Michael Musto.
Tomes have now been devoted to exposing female stereotypes--Elizabeth Wurtzel's Bitch, Inga Muscio's Cunt, Leora Tanenbaum's Slut, and Betsy Israel's Bachelor Girl, to name a few.
And they go on arguing that it is better to fuck your mother, your sisters, your nieces, and daughters--and fuck them in the most vicious way possible--as long as it is a cunt you are fucking and you are not buggering anyone.
He was going to be living somewhere between her heart and her cunt, giving her roller-coaster tummy.
BUSINESS: Prod Mfgr SVCS: Prems MIN: 100 units SPEC: B-to-B, Cat, Fund, Fin Svcs, Publ, Cunt Progs INFO: Cat, Smpl