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Most important are chlamydiosis, E cuniculi, Salmonella, West Nile virus, and rabies, of course.
cuniculi individuals were isolated from the ear cerumen of naturally infected rabbits.
The antibody titer against Encephalitozoon cuniculi was positive, 1:640 [36].
cuniculi should be continued for 28 days and unfortunately, depending on the amount of neurological damage encountered by the rabbit there can be some permanent residual signs, particularly the head tilt.
cuniculi, were put in the ears of all animals from experimental groups.
Psoroptes cuniculi is a worldwide obligate ectoparasite mainly of rabbits, goats, horses, and sheep.
A discussion of host hormone impacts is highlighted by a description of the rabbit flea, Spilopsyllus cuniculi (Dale) feeding on the European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus.
Encephalitozoonosis, an infection caused by a parasite called E cuniculi.
The spilopsyllus cuniculi are spread from a dead rabbit to a healthy one.
Enterocytozoon cuniculi has been reported as the cause of peritonitis diagnosed by ultrastructural examination in one patient with AIDS and found in multiple tissues in other HIV-infected patients.
Three species (Obeliscoides cuniculi, Nematodirus triangularis, and Trichuris leporis) have direct life cycles and infect the hare digestive tract (Measures and Anderson 1983, Keith et al.
Supplier B rabbits were SPF for Pasturella multocida, Pasturella pneumotropica, Bordetella brochiseptica, Treponema cuniculi, Clostridium piliformis, cilia-associated respiratory bacillus, Salmonella spp.
Ademas, recientemente se ha descrito la levadura Malassezia cuniculi sp.