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Synonyms for cuneiform

an ancient wedge-shaped script used in Mesopotamia and Persia

Related Words

shaped like a wedge

of or relating to the tarsal bones (or other wedge-shaped bones)

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In October 2010, an expert on cultural property law retained by Hobby Lobby warned the company that the acquisition of cultural property likely from Iraq, including cuneiform tablets and cylinder seals, carries a risk that such objects may have been looted from archaeological sites in Iraq," the department said in a complaint.
Role of the Nitrergic System of the Cuneiform Nucleus in Cardiovascular Responses in Urethane-Anesthetized Male Rats.
Part 2 examines various aspects of the cuneiform transmission of the Maqlo, such as the history of the textAEs reconstruction, the types of manuscripts, their historical context, and variations in textual transmission and linguistic characteristics.
The author, an Assyriologist, begins with an introduction to the cuneiform writing system, followed by a sketch of the development of the town from the Gutian Period (late third millennium B.
To conclude, historians and researchers traced the development of cuneiform writing back through its various stages to a system of accounting associated with the beginnings of agriculture as demonstrated in Syria 8000 BC.
The arguments in the cuneiform tablets case actually have nothing to do with Iran.
6,7) There are also reports of third metatarsal and lateral cuneiform (8,9) and medial cuneiform-first metatarsal joints.
Dr Al Turky, who is one of less than 100 experts in cuneiform writing, said evidence showed that Sumerians believed Bahrain was the home of Utnaphishtim, a character in the epic of Gilgamesh mirrored as Prophet Noah by Muslims.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Tablets with cuneiform inscriptions that were discovered at the KE-ltepe archaeological site in Kayseri province during archeological excavations last week have revealed that 300 current Turkish words were in use in the Akkadian language 5,000 years ago.
Ability of the Freer elevator to pass between the medial cuneiform and base of second metatarsal with limited restriction was considered, by the investigators, to be consistent with sufficient laxity of the ligament.
Last year a fragment of a cuneiform text mentioning Nabonidus was discovered there.
In terms of inscriptions, we found a cuneiform tablet," Serhal continues.
The index finger of the lower hand is wrapped around the medial cuneiform.
There are also rewards such as receiving an mp3 with a personal message from Roselyn, getting advanced copies of her books, and being the first readers ever to obtain a copy of the audiobook for The Cuneiform Caper, her debut novel.
Archaeologists say that, while cuneiform writing was a more advanced accounting technology, by combining it with the flexibility of the tokens the ancient Assyrians created a record-keeping system of greater sophistication.