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(of a leaf shape) narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base


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Effects of feeding frequency and ration level on growth, feed utilization and nitrogen waste output of cuneate drum (Nibea miichthioides) reared in net pens.
8 cm wide, proximally cuneate, and broadest in the proximal 1/4 (see Smith, 1990: Fig.
It is elliptical to obovate, apically rounded to cordate, basally cuneate to round.
Blades lanceolate; pinnules rhomboid, cuneate, as long as wide 2.
5-11 cm, broadly cuneate or rounded to truncate or subcordate at base, obtuse to acuminate at apex, 7-10 pairs lateral veins, level to prominulous above, prominent beneath, while tertiary veins may be distinguished in its lower part.
erecta from those on the other islands based on their maroon or darker stipes with large gray or tan scales, fronds with 20-40 pinna pairs, the blade apex narrowing abruptly, and the cuneate segments narrow at the base.
Leaves alternate; short-petiolate; blades oblong, cuneate to suborbicular, pinnately veined, margin serrulate to spinulose, pubescent.
Leaves alternate; petiolate; blades obovate, cuneate, entire, glabrescent to tomentose beneath.
Pinnae are asymmetrical, spathulate or obovate deltate, cuneate and adnate to the winged rachis.
falcate, deeply lobed with serrate margins, acute apices, and cuneate to
1 mm, appressed, ascending, sparsely ciliate, light brown, other scales elliptical, ciliate; blades oblong-linear, subchartaceous, apically and basally cuneate, the margins glabrous, 38-62 x 6-8 cm; veins obscure, flee, simple and furcate, ca.
Margin of pinnae usually shallowly lobed, rounded or rounded cuneate at the base, terminal segment acute or short-flagelloid B.
sessile, and articulate with rachis, cuneate at base, caudate at apex,
6-10 cm across; microsporophylls narrowly cuneate, 3-3.