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shaped like a wedge

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Hemelytron semitransparent, not much declivitous at cuneal fracture; membrane pale smoky brown, with posteriorly reddish or orangepink veins.
1): Elongate, completely covering the abdomen; lateral margin nearly straight, slightly wider at level of apex of embolium, clavus elevated with respect to corium surface; claval suture impressed; embolium well delimited, apex ending close to cuneal fracture, not greatly expanded inward; cuneus slightly longer than wide; membrane with two cells.
Thorax: Pronotum with anterior margin nearly straight, lateral and posterior margins sinuate; anterior margin of pronotum with distinct flattened collar about as wide as diameter of antennal segment 1; pronotum with very deep, wide, transverse impression medially; calli elevated, pronounced, largely confluent; cuneal incisure shallow, fracture angled anteromedially; hind tarsal segment 1 about one-third length of segment 2, segment 3 about two-thirds length of segment 2; hind femora weakly bowed.