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Growth profile of preantral follicles during different days of in vitro culture along with cumulous cells
Growth profile of early antral follicles during different days of in vitro culture along with cumulous cells
In the case of the AM and AK simulation runs, the average daily/monthly precipitation depends on the sum of cumulous precipitation (PPCI) plus large-scale precipitation (PPLI) in kg/[m.
The rest of the visual field does not experience the twinkling effect, which was described by one patient as resembling a moving cumulous cloud.
Twice she danced Act Three's Terpsichore, and twice she lifted the ballet to a higher altitude, her sissonnes so lofted, so cumulous calm, they seemed to push off from a cloud.
Before my work it was generally thought that these cosmic dust particles were made up of ice particles, similar to the particles in the cumulous clouds of the earth's atmosphere.
Mystery Of mysteries, like some great vapouring cloud Topping a cumulous heaven of mysteries
With a warm wind riffling his salt-and-pepper hair, my husband noted how that same breeze made the high cumulous clouds above us morph and billow.
After the storm broke, large cumulous clouds cleared for a hot blustery afternoon.
Three-quarters of the picture consist of a wide shoreline and sky in which stretch cumulous clouds, reflected in the bay, split into mares' tails, portending a shower.
ACT also used cumulous cells--cells that cling to human ova.
Ideal weather conditions involve light to moderate winds, with plenty of sunshine and fluffy cumulous clouds which means that there is a lot of rising air, lots of thermals about, which is perfect for the sport.
was created through the acquisition and combination of Sierra Communications and Cumulous Communications Company, two of the largest independent dispatch specialized mobile radio (SMR) service providers in the San Joaquin Valley of central California.
The Carters added columns and beams to hide the new ductwork; eight varieties of cumulous clouds swirl on the coffered, five-sectioned ceiling.
Pacific Wireless will continue to serve the traditional dispatch customers of Sierra and Cumulous.