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Synonyms for cumulative

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing, as in force, by successive additions

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing by successive addition


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R&D spending therefore not only generates new knowledge but contributes to the firm's absorptive capacity due to the properties of cumulativeness and its effect on expectation formation (Cohen and Levinthal 1990).
Specific features of accessibility, cumulativeness and sources of knowledge determine the technological regime of a specific sectoral system, (10) that is, the opportunity to innovate and the possibility of appropriability.
The variable [lambda] depends on the degree of cumulativeness, opportunity and appropriability.
Unidimensionality and cumulativeness of the Loneliness Scale using Mokken Scale Analysis for polychotomous items.
Heidegger's conception of authenticity is notoriously difficult to define or encapsulate, but as a starting point let us take Charles Guignon's explanation that for Heidegger "an authentic life is lived as a unified flow characterized by cumulativeness and direction" ("Authenticity, Moral Values" 229).
Therefore the magnitude is easier to see because of this pooling and cumulativeness.
However, there was no analysis in Semanza: the Tribunal merely stated that "the convictions for instigating the rape of Victim A (Count 10) and the torture of Victim A (Count 11) present no problems of cumulativeness, because they contain different legal elements.
Each of these eight cases may produce several documents every few months, all of which would need to be carefully weighed for materiality and cumulativeness to each pending U.