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Synonyms for cumulative

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing, as in force, by successive additions

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing by successive addition


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Specific features of accessibility, cumulativeness and sources of knowledge determine the technological regime of a specific sectoral system, (10) that is, the opportunity to innovate and the possibility of appropriability.
However, there was no analysis in Semanza: the Tribunal merely stated that "the convictions for instigating the rape of Victim A (Count 10) and the torture of Victim A (Count 11) present no problems of cumulativeness, because they contain different legal elements.
pharmaceuticals, chemicals and material industries; path dependency and cumulativeness implying that future innovation depends on current and past innovations (-); tacitness of knowledge (-); and the maturity of industry (-).
Differentiating the construct in this way could stimulate theory development and, by encouraging consistency in measurement, promote greater cumulativeness of empirical research.
7) In our view, the rather careless use of the term global governance has contributed to rendering the academic discourse as confusing as it is and to profoundly limiting the cumulativeness of research findings.