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Synonyms for cumulative

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing, as in force, by successive additions

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing by successive addition


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32%) were the major laggards of the index, cumulatively taking away 201 points from the index.
Between January 1, 2013 and August 31, 2017, these three companies cumulatively exported approximately $650 million worth of goods to North Korea and cumulatively imported more than $100 million worth of goods from North Korea.
In the processing industry, a more pronounced drop was registered in the production of apparel, cumulatively of some 17 percent.
The OGDC's gas production fell 4pc YoY in Jan 2017, mainly on the back of lower flow from Qadirpur, Kadanwari and Bhit and Bhandra that cumulatively affected OGDC's gas production by 4pc during the period.
Compared to other EU member states that have been subjected to an economic adjustment programme, in the same period of 2008-2013, the GDP per capita in real terms in Portugal fell cumulatively by 6.
3 million shares of Aldar, cumulatively worth about Dh14.
Under the terms of the new Client Computing/Servers (CCS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) announced on Monday, cumulatively worth up to USD800m, HP products may be selected through the quantum enterprise buy (QEB) procurement system.
8 million, or 9 cents per diluted share, to cumulatively correct the company's calculation of straight-line rent expense; a fourth quarter $2 million pretax charge (4 cents per diluted share) to cumulatively correct the amortization of certain leasehold improvements; a fourth quarter pretax charge of $3 million, or 6 cents per diluted share, to cumulatively record Pathmark's liability for medical expenses under its long-term disability plan; a pretax interest charge of $1.
Hertz is no less clear about the origin of the rich-poor gap--the comparative advantages cumulatively developed in the regions best endowed with natural assets; the systems and structures, economic and financial, which their populations devise to maintain and reinforce their advantages; the distribution of power which enables them to stay in that position despite the obvious inequality on which it rests.
Seniors majoring in real estate who have the highest grade point averages in both major courses and cumulatively will receive consideration for the Joseph Moinian Real Estate Awards.
The processors' store-and-forward architecture combines a high-performance Intel XScale core with 16 or eight (IXP2800 or IXP2400, respectively) 32-bit independent multi-threaded microengines that can cumulatively provide more than 23.
I would think, cumulatively, that this will have to start to impact on the DOC to start using fact instead of fiction in determining these duties," says Ontario Forest Industry Association (OFIA) president Tim Millard.
Roadman said, "Looking cumulatively at the Medicaid underfunding crisis and state budget red ink, there's no question that seniors in state after state are increasingly at risk of losing access to essential healthcare services," adding that "Both short- and long-term steps are necessary to strengthen Medicaid and protect our elderly, and the Nelson-Collins bill is a first step to doing just that.
Nuclear safety topped the commitments ranking by sector, with Euro 84 million in 1999, and Euro 851 million cumulatively since 1991, followed by administrative reform with Euro 70 million/Euro 632 million, enterprise restructuring with Euro 55 million/Euro 595 million and energy with Euro 24 million/Euro 381 million.
Gravity is 100 billion times stronger than the force that the photons exert on LAGEOS, but over decades, the light quanta have cumulatively kicked the craft thousands of kilometers off course.