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Labor disputes, mainly in the meat-processing industry, publicized the extent and severity of cumulative trauma in the 1970s and 1980s.
The Vietnam group also reported a higher frequency of cumulative trauma disorder compared with the OIF/OEF group (67% and 46%, respectively; p < 0.
Studies on the effectiveness of braces in the prevention of cumulative trauma disorders are inconclusive.
To determine the relative contribution of cumulative trauma and differential trauma to property offending and violent delinquency, hierarchical logistic regression analyses were conducted.
Experiences of cumulative trauma disorders on life roles of worker and family member: A case study of a married couple.
This American book is the second edition of Management of Cumulative Trauma Disorders 1997.
Brenner and others examined the relationship between "flexible" work practices and occupational safety and health and found some rather disturbing results: "a positive, statistically significant, and quantitatively sizable relationship between cumulative trauma disorders and the use of quality circles and just-in-time production.
Faulty breathing, stage fright, cumulative trauma disorders, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and tennis elbow also are reviewed.
Areas of focus will include work-related musculoskeletal disorders, manual materials handling, alternative computer input devices, worker education as preventive strategy, ergonomic programs in industry and medical management of upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders.
With a 30" working height, back injuries and other cumulative trauma disorders can be reduced because staff bending is minimized, promoting a safe working environment.
The industry's rate of serious injuries is five times the national average; its rate of cumulative trauma injuries is 33 times the national average.
The aspects of workers' comp insurance with which life insurers are unfamiliar include employers' liability, occupational disease claims and cumulative trauma claims.
ARM: While the computer industry has seemingly embraced the existence and potential threat of Cumulative Trauma Disorders, is it difficult to convince other mainstream industry sectors-food services, manufacturing-that such a concern for work-place safety is a potential threat and that a remedy is important?
The CIS Bureau of Safety and Regulation's Consultation Education & Training Division issues the award to employers for instituting ergonomic improvements and substantially reducing traumatic strain and sprain injuries and cumulative trauma disorder illnesses.
Trying to decipher what combination of changes in equipment, methods and work habits any given wood products manufacturer will have to make to prevent instances of low back pain, sciatica, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other cumulative trauma disorders among its employees is the daunting and costly challenge that would be created by the OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard.
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