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Synonyms for cumulative

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing, as in force, by successive additions

Synonyms for cumulative

increasing by successive addition


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Thus, the cumulative ownership shift on June 1,2006 was 20%.
In taxation years in which a business source has a loss, the proposed rules require an evaluation of the expected cumulative profit for the entire period during which the taxpayer can reasonably be expected to carry on the business or hold the property.
We assessed the public health impact in terms of the cumulative percentage of infections prevented and the cumulative percentage of TB cases prevented.
Upon calculating the silica grain base, the number of particles and their surface area for both foundries and comparing the cumulative weight percentage vs.
The short-cut approach usually results in lower property, plant and equipment than other methods and an increased cumulative effect charge offset by reduced future depreciation.
While the root cause of cumulative trauma disorders is automation and repetitive actions, the primary reasons for the tremendous rise in the incidence rates are the increased recognition of the problem and a better informed workforce.
As of May 15, 2003, the cumulative number of reported probable cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was [greater than or equal to] 7,600 worldwide (1).
5% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock has been listed on the Pink Sheets, a centralized quotation service that collects and publishes market maker quotes for certain securities.
AEP Texas North Company will redeem 23,481 shares outstanding of its cumulative preferred stock, 4.
3 The return of premium benefit will be equal to a percent of the cumulative premiums paid on the disability income rider, less disability benefits paid upon surrender of the rider or death of the insured.
Given XL's unilateral flexibility in modifying the terms of the reinsurance agreement as well as Stoneheath's reliance on XL to provide a significant portion of the preferred dividends via reinsurance payments, Stoneheath Re's non-cumulative perpetual preferred securities are rated equivalent to XL's existing cumulative preferred share at 'A-.
The underwriters expect to deliver the Series D Adjusting Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock to purchasers on or about November 21, 2006.
The results demonstrated that both ( R )-albuterol systemic exposure and consequent beta-mediated adverse events were less following cumulative dosing with XOPENEX HFA when compared to cumulative dosing with racemic albuterol HFA MDI.
It has sustained a cumulative loss to date (LTD) of approximately 3.
TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation, the industry leader in small form factor and high capacity hard disk drives (HDD), today announced that it would achieve cumulative production of 40 million 1.