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Commission did not support its cumulation determination with substantial
The administrative aspects sprang from the cumulation of commitments that comprised the Fed's initial intervention and the Bush administration's subsequent program.
The option of the new Criminal Code is to simplify the sanctioning treatment and chose the arithmetic cumulation in the case of post-conviction recidivism, respectively the legal increasing of special punishment limits by half in the case of post-execution recurring offence.
The question of cumulation over time should not be thought any more troubling.
137]Cs radionuclide in bones and muscle is directly proportional to the cumulation level of [sup.
Thus the novel works by cumulation, simulating the process of the detective team.
A dilution model (Serra, 1968; Jeulin, 1991) can be used to simulate situations with thick slices with mass cumulation over the thickness.
Dr Baig said that Bangladesh also has to give Pakistani fabric GSP under SAARC Regional Cumulation and as per EU move to change the rule of origin from January 2010.
DT, commonly focused on war but also including other forms of conflict, is now a "major research program in the field and a good example of how a combination of a statistical, formal-theoretic, and case study research can contribute significantly to the cumulation of knowledge" (Levy and Mabe 2004, 65).
Work might be done on further liberalizing and geographically extending rules of origin affecting goods trade, as was done under the pan-European system of cumulation.
As he flies off for an improvised UN reception on board an aircraft carrier, the imaginary future president admits: "The cumulation of disasters, permafrost melting, lower agricultural yields, growing health problems, and the like are taking a terrible toll, much greater than we anticipated 20 years ago.
This cumulation of non sequiturs constitutes a howler.
The decisive development in similar situations has historically been the cumulation of public costs, especially the costs in life and limb.
A wonderful salt cellar by Pauline Wiertz is a wild cumulation of shells and crustaceans, covered with transfer illustrations with exotic animals.