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a broad pleated sash worn as formal dress with a tuxedo

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The procession rendered colour to the royal event with the traditional Rajput finery -- achkans, churidars, breeches, swords, and cummerbunds.
John was in the local Eldonian Minstrels - real dandies in cummerbunds and bow-ties, their shoes polished until the toe-caps shone under the stage lights.
This season the emphasis is on tuxedo detailing, with cummerbunds and satin piping prevalent.
Arrayed at the altar, the bridesmaids wore duet satin, fluted gowns of aquamarine accented with ivory duet satin cummerbunds.
They follow previous items to be produced by In-formals such as dragon bow-ties, dragon braces, dress shirts with dragon cuffs and dragon cummerbunds.
The actors appear on a stage that looks like a giant chessboard - the women in wintry velvets and taffeta, the men in morning coats and cummerbunds - and as they take turns standing and sitting, their music stands grow and contract.
On Wednesday the women were in rich scarlet, and most of the men managed matching cummerbunds.
Bandleader Charlie Raymond and singer Michelle James kept guests dancing; and, in honor of the Valentine's theme, there were red, red and more red gowns on the ladies, each topped with a red rose corsage (men got red carnation boutonnieres to go with their red cummerbunds, bow ties and tuxedo shirts).
of bonny lasses with slender legs and hormone-fuelled men with fiery tap moves and glittering cummerbunds still seems to please the audience.
The boys, Harry Warburton, aged five, and Felix Sowerbutts, aged seven, wore ivory silk taffeta shirts, navy velvet knickerbockers with brass-button detail, and taffeta cummerbunds.
Cummerbunds may be something you would associate with your granddad, but they can transform a plain suit into something special.
Naturally, cummerbunds are entirely optional," said Raines with a laugh.
As the 2003 prom season rolls in, high school students across North America will be thinking about dresses, corsages, cummerbunds and duct tape.