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trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape

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Bearing in mind the cumbersomeness of setting up the proper institutional arrangements for various instances of representation (as well as the EEAS generally), it might be argued, perhaps surprisingly, that the UNGA is a flagship forum of EU coordination, where the prerequisites to speak with one voice have been met in less than one and a half years (by April 2011, counting from December 2009).
Further, the complexities, cumbersomeness and documentation requirements over and above those which are of a particular law, creates the transactional inefficiencies.
Ten of the questionnaire items were eliminated during expert content validation exercise on the basis of the cumbersomeness and repetitiveness.
Virtual Leader by SimuLearn eliminates the contrivance, cumbersomeness, and stress of interactive roleplay and incorporates the best aspects of simulation into a highly professional, intuitive computer software simulation.
Participants also indicated that the cumbersomeness and overwhelming nature of evaluation might prevent them from engaging in evaluations.
Counsel Fielding understood this when he commented that "the cumbersomeness of the 25th Amendment is appropriate" (Zuckerman 1996).
Table 1: Haptic devices comparison IKD H3DI Cybergrasp Force feedback DOF (per linger) ++ (3) -(1) Workspace (per finger) + (ltd closure) ++ Force feedback (per finger) + (5N) ++ (12N) Force feedback quality ++ (direct) -- (cables) Tactile feedback ++ (2 motors) -- TOTAL : capacities ++++++++ - Weight (device) -- (900g) - (450g) Weight (cables) ++ (electrical) -- (mechanical) Cumbersomeness + + Ease of use ++ -- (calibration) Integration + + TOTAL : usability ++++ Rutgers MII PERCRO hand Force feedback DOF (per linger) -(1) ++ (3) Workspace (per finger) - ++ Force feedback (per finger) ++ (16N) ?
The separation of execution from lawmaking increases the cumbersomeness, unpredictability, and incoherence of the system: the actual effect of laws will vary enormously across space and time with variations in enforcement regimes.
In light of all these considerations, the only reason why the term, "Middle East," continues to be used today is "the cumbersomeness of any more scientific designation thought of thus far" (Keddie 1973: 267).
For all the cumbersomeness of these labels, this is a useful and convincing way of constructing Vidyasagar's position as that of an Improving Vernacularist.
After all, complaints about the cumbersomeness of congressional procedure find one of their earliest airings in George Washington's dissatisfaction with the First Congress, (108) and it is certainly not unknown for observers, looking backward, to overstate the degree of harmony that existed at earlier times.
The registration of all these parties and their symbols necessarily increases the size and cumbersomeness of the ballot paper, making proper electoral decisions tasking for millions who could neither read nor write and several literate voters who may thereby get confused.