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Synonyms for cumbersome

Synonyms for cumbersome

unwieldy or clumsy, especially due to excess weight

Synonyms for cumbersome

difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight


not elegant or graceful in expression

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In both cases, the singers, Reinhard Hagen and Eric Halfvarson, respectively, occupied the top part of the puppets while stagehands cumbersomely wheeled the edifices about.
Since 1981, this agency, cumbersomely called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), has been caving into auto company lobbyists.
Expert ball-twizzlers seeking to trick their cricketing counterparts by deploying spin in all its deceptive forms; kids inexplicably finding entertainment from a 'top' with an ability to 'spin;' spinning playing an intrinsic role in the nation's most popular TV gameshows: light entertainment was at its height when 45 year old failed comedians with bad toupees would demand a bored, nubile model to cumbersomely spin a giant formica wheel in order for Terry from Barnsley to potentially win a Breville Teasmade.
THE BAD LIEUTENANT (18) Verdict: THIS new Nicolas Cage film is rather cumbersomely called The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans.
The Fontwell race, on October 2, is the cumbersomely titled but crudely resourced Southern Water Supporting the AAIR/Awairebear Intermediate Open National Hunt Flat Race.
We waddle along, cumbersomely dodging the illegal bikes that tear past.
This is the cumbersomely named In-Town Check-In (ITCI), the booking/check-in hall for the airport express and main entrance to the building.
His latest case - cumbersomely billed as The Ruth Rendell Mysteries: An Inspector Wexford Special: Road Rage - was ample proof that it's time the country copper was pensioned off.
The introduction of relegation, through the expansion of the competition into the cumbersomely titled Birmingham & District Premier Cricket League, means an unprecedented fear factor will loom large throughout the summer.
January: the month when televisual temazepam Dancing On Ice cumbersomely triple-axels back onto our screens.
99), the extras include a featurette rather cumbersomely titled: 'It's A Long Road: The Resurrection Of An Icon'.
True, the final now takes place in Cardiff, matches routinely kick off at 6pm on Sunday and these days even BBC broadcasters don't dare mention the competition without cumbersomely plugging its sponsor, currently an insurance firm whose name sounds like it should belong to a fourth-rate Scandinavian heavy rock combo.
Taglined ''courage is immortal'', the film is somewhat cumbersomely introduced with a voiceover from Odin (Anthony Hopkins).
With a snappy new name, Midland Opera (previously cumbersomely known as Midland Music Makers Grand Opera Society) launches a week-long run of Bizet's Carmen at the Crescent Theatre in Sheepcote Street on Tuesday (7.
Foreign orchestras usually have something different to offer, and in the case of the cumbersomely labelled Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio (the composer's name was added in 1993) it was size and sound.