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a transverse and totally enclosed drain under a road or railway

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LTL Directional Drilling needed to replace corrugated metal pipe culverts that were collapsing under Highway 634 north of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario.
Resident Andy Lewis uploaded these pictures onto Twitter and said: "I see Denbighshire Council's commitment to maintaining the culverts at Glasdir is doing well
To fit the numerous curves in the canal alignment, beveled precast box culverts were designed in 1/2-in.
COVERT CULVERTS JAN Rzedzian, solicitor in the construction team at Hay & Kilner looks at the rights and responsibilities to owners of riverside land and property From the Thames Valley and the Somerset Levels to our own River Tyne bursting its banks and leaving stretches of the city's quayside underwater, the story of this winter has undoubtedly been flooding.
said he has had success restoring other local sites to make them suitable for the cold water fish, but that misplaced, rotting culverts prevent proper flow in Barbers Hollow Brook.
Culverts are used to transport streams or rivers under roads and often affect the migration ability of aquatic organisms including fish.
Aside from damage to personal and commercial property, flash flooding ripped through bridges, culverts and roadways.
The precast box culverts were used as part of the upgrade to existing infrastructure so that storm events could be handled effectively.
SIR - Once again people throughout the country are flooded out by rivers bursting their banks, blocked culverts and drains, and the culverts and drains that are not blocked are unable to cope with the rainfall.
Thework is part of as major refurbishment programme, which will look at all 800 culverts across Yorkshire.
Swimming against the current won't be quite as hard for fish in parts of the Siuslaw basin thanks to a project that replaced 11 culverts on creeks southwest of Eugene.
We observed Southeastern myotis (Myotis austroriparius), Big brown (Eptesicus fuscus), and Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) using concrete box culverts as diurnal roosts in Butler County, Alabama during summer 2008.
UP TO pounds 60,000 worth of improvement works have been completed on three main culverts in Cilfynydd, Rhondda, following ongoing problems with flooding after periods of heavy rainfall.
Although hydraulic considerations form the basis of culvert design, the behavior of fish, the characteristics of local soils, and the cost of construction can influence the type of culverts used on highway applications at stream crossings.
Culverts are made from corrugated metal or plastic tubes positioned in a crossing to allow water to pass through without damaging the roadway.