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a transverse and totally enclosed drain under a road or railway

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As of today, water is flowing over the spillway and through the culverts, but our real concern remains the water from Gaston Pond going through the dam.
A council spokesman confirmed the National Assembly had approved funding for a scheme to divert both culverts, one private and one council- owned, from the back of the houses directly into the River Taff.
The original culverts were constructed from stone flags, but a century of neglect meant that many of the culverts became blocked and lost to view, and ditches filled with earth and overgrown.
Tenders are invited for Town Highway Bridge and Culvert Inventory
Culverts are essential components of highway drainage systems, carrying water beneath roadway surfaces to prevent flooding and erosion from washing away supporting soils.
Tenders are invited for construction of 2 lane and improvement of road & bridge culverts of chintainar - maraiguda road in km 17 to 14 = 3.
Also, the Snap-Tite pipe is available in lengths from two to 50 feet and is available for culverts with diameters from eight to 84 inches.
Replace Branch Drive Culvert of Northeast Branch: Replace three 36" concrete pipe culverts with 12' wide open bottom box culvert with concrete headwall;
Government departments across the nation continue to address failing culverts that pose serious risks to state and interstate highways and city streets.
Chief executive Mohammed Mehmet yesterday questioned the Environment Agency Wales' findings that culverts were extensively blocked.
Swimming against the current won't be quite as hard for fish in parts of the Siuslaw basin thanks to a project that replaced 11 culverts on creeks southwest of Eugene.
Burney said the subdivision includes Hilltop Farm Road and Booth Road, which both have culverts for a stream that runs down the hill parallel to Prospect Street.
I READ with interest the article regarding blocked culverts where a spokeswoman for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council stated all priority culverts are inspected and cleared when there is a bad weather warning.
Understanding hydraulics and hydrology is a necessity for designing drainage structures such as culverts that control the flow of water near highway infrastructure.
The real problem is that there are literally thousands of similar culverts throughout Michigan, constructed of the same kind of corrugated metal pipe that failed near Prudenville, creating a virtual time bomb for Michigan taxpayers.