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a transverse and totally enclosed drain under a road or railway

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Two people died after the culvert collapsed on Monday.
For the culvert removal ramming project in Smooth Rock Falls, it was LTL Directional Drilling taking the lead.
Firefighters from West Yorkshire's Technical Rescue Team, led by Mark Allen, rigged up a tripod to haul the horse from the culvert after it had been sedated.
Mr Lewis said: "DCC made a commitment to maintain the culvert area in the wake of the floods, regardless of who actually owns the land.
Some of the highlights on the bank were Mark Jones's 18 rainbows to 4lb and a brown to 5lb, which he caught from the jetty and culvert, while Graham Southam caught 17 to 4lb on Dawson's Olive from the wading area of the culvert.
Engineers were uncertain about fitting a precast, reinforced concrete box culvert into the existing canal section, carved into cliffs over 100 years ago.
If a body of water is enclosed in a culvert and, owing either to its inadequacy to cope with the volume of water or to its bad state of repair, the water overflows and damages neighbouring property, liability lies primarily with the owner of the culvert.
He said one culvert is at the Providence and Worcester Railroad, and two more are at Route 12 west of Hall Road.
Latehar, Oct 20 ( ANI ): When the building contractors failed to oblige the extortion demands, a group of Maoists in Jharkhand forced a halt to the construction of a culvert.
Additionally, a new labyrinth weir design was modeled inside a culvert.
ENGINEERS say they have finally completed a PS10m project to repair a collapsed culvert that left families facing flooding misery.
The wake of the flood left mountains of replaced culvert pipe on roadsides and ditches.
com)-- Oldcastle Precast supplied over 3,100 linear feet of precast concrete box culvert for (UDOT) Utah Department of Transportation's I-15 major storm drain master improvement plan at Barton Creek, in Davis County, Utah.
Also, rocks and sediment are placed in the culvert to simulate the natural creek and slow the water so it flows at the same speed as the rest of the creek.
Ghoulish visitors to the site where the killer spent his final days before shooting himself are interfering with flood defences by repeatedly leaving open a culvert flap.