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inflammation of the endocardium and heart valves

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Sixty-eight percent of patients with culture-negative endocarditis received a combination containing at least one beta-lactam drug (penicillin G with or without cloxacillin) and an aminoglycoside; 12% patients also received vancomycin and 21% also received a 3rd-generation cephalosporin.
arupensis as an agent of blood culture-negative endocarditis in a human.
Diagnostic strategy for blood culture-negative endocarditis.
whipplei infections and blood culture-negative endocarditis (2,5,6).
This case reinforces the hypothesis that any Bartonella species can cause human infection, including culture-negative endocarditis.
Cases of culture-negative endocarditis are not routinely investigated for mycoplasmas; however, the role of these microorganisms as a cause of endocarditis might be underestimated.
Our aim was to identify fastidious agents of blood culture-negative endocarditis by serology.
She was referred to a tertiary care center, and therapy with penicillin, flucloxacillin, and gentamicin was begun for culture-negative endocarditis.
Blood culture-negative endocarditis in a reference center: etiologic diagnosis of 348 cases.
All 62 blood culture-negative endocarditis cases were tested by serologic or molecular methods or both.
Culture-negative endocarditis is implicated in 6% of cases of infective endocarditis in HIV-infected patients.
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