culture shock

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a condition of disorientation affecting someone who is suddenly exposed to an unfamiliar culture or way of life or set of attitudes

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Expatriates, culture shock, migration industry, Global Mobility Industry, encounter
But a reverse culture shock can be just as bad, if not worse, according to Hussain, who took some time to readjust upon his return from New Zealand.
It's a culture shock because this league is a totally different to what they've been used to.
This response of wanting to park along the curb was my first experience of reverse culture shock.
This study investigated whether or not Caribbean overseas students, attending universities in the United States, perceived that they experienced culture shock and what themes emerged explaining their experiences.
Culture Shock and Multiculturalism: Reclaiming a Useful Model from the Religious Realm.
Culture Shock is a term which describes the individual disorientation a person may experience when they travel to a new country, and the way of life is different from what they know.
The films to be screened were made as part of the Culture Shock project, which saw more than 550 people create their own personal short stories, inspired by museums.
The Culture Shock North-East Festival will show off some of the stories with special screenings, workshops and events.
RICHARD Hill claimed culture shock was one of the factors behind Worcester's failure to defeat Moseley more easily.
When we are placed out of our comfort zone, the phenomenon of culture shock may occur.
Diaman as he reflects on his inheritance of an apartment in Athens and the culture shock he experienced living there.
Mr Maniar said: "It is a culture shock when you move to another country.
crucial advice with regard to personal safety, and notes concerning ongoing changes in society and family life that affect travelers, The Exchange Student Survival Kit covers everything from practical packing to learning to identify "red flag" emotions that are likely triggered by culture shock to preparing for reverse culture shock on the trip home.
Culture shock and Japanese-American relations; historical essays.