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a group of people working together to advance certain cultural goals

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To succeed, it is a mix of all of these media together that company leaders need to invest in, developed through the framework of a cultural movement strategy as opposed to simply a brand building strategy.
He hailed the steady progress of GCC artistic and cultural movement, highlighting the contribution of generations of creative artists whose works enriched the art scene.
My best-selling book Uprising looks at 50 success- ful cultural movement examples.
Riyad Bank announced that it is sponsoring the Book of the Year Award for the 8th consecutive year as part of its prominent role in supporting the cultural movement in the Kingdom and contributing to stimulate the cultural and literary production, as well as providing a remarkable platform to discover national talents.
It is to note that the Exhibition is organized by the Antelias Cultural Movement in its 34th round, under the headline "Free Culture in the face of Tyranny and Oppression.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki opened the International Book Fair held on Baghdad International Fair, expressing his appreciation for the efforts to establish book fairs for its role in spread science and knowledge and strengthens the cultural movement in Iraq.
The development of a comprehensive strategy based will promote the abilities and capacities of Katara to keep up with multi-faceted cultural movement on the national, Gulf, Arab and international fronts in arts, photography, painting, folklore, Arab and international music, theatre, cinema, hosting professional and amateur artists, in addition to different local and international exhibitions.
The culture and national heritage sector adopts the principle of cultural openness to support the Bahraini cultural movement via its museums and it's cultural and heritage events, both essential components of culture in the Bahraini society, a statement from the foundation said.
Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil) documents the identity construction of 11 female activist educators who participated in a progressive social and cultural movement, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (Landless Workers' Movement), in Brazil.
Ahmed bin Khalfan al-Rawahi, President of Nizwa University said, in his speech, that Nizwa has witnessed through the ancient history of Oman a cultural movement in which the message of learning and teaching was cemented and contributed in the moderate scientific and literal production.
Summary: A delegation from the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) has joined over 400 publishers from 35 countries in the 17th edition of Algeria International Book Fair held at the Exhibition Palace in Algiers to build bridges of communication with all parties involved in the Arabic cultural movement and throw more light on Arab writers and intellectuals.
ClickPress, Mon Mar 21 2011] Mail Art as a cultural movement evolved during the 1960, with groups of artists not wishing to be involved in the commercial art gallery scene deciding to produce artworks which could be sent through the international post system.
of the founders of the Gradas cultural movement in the 1970s that
A few weeks later, the non-governmental organization called "Educational and Cultural Movement from Voden" published the first issue of "Zadruga", the second Macedonian-language newspaper to be published quarterly.
From July 24 to August 21, the theatres will be working with Afro Reggae, an internationally renowned Cultural Movement, who will bring their expertise in theatre, music, circus and dance to Liverpool.
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