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Synonyms for shamanism

any animistic religion similar to Asian shamanism (especially as practiced by certain Native American tribes)

an animistic religion of northern Asia having the belief that the mediation between the visible and the spirit worlds is effected by shamans

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After the screening of the film, the Boyle Street Co-operative provided resolution health support workers to help residential school survivors with the application process as well as hosted discussions on cultural healing and the intergenerational effects of residential schools on family and youth.
Lecture, workshop to focus on cultural healing issues
In order that they avoid any comparison to earlier colonialist attempts to "civilize the savage," cultural healing interventions must not take on the methods or philosophy of a social rescue initiative--either for individuals or communities.
I was always taught the pipe was more for spiritual and cultural healing than for healing against massive viral and bacterial infections.
Family involvement is also critical to the success of the healing process, said Olivier, noting that a major goal will be to facilitate the process of building healthy relationships between parents and youth, by promoting cultural healing and teaching tools.
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