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Synonyms for context

Synonyms for context

discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

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By privileging one cultural context over another, early educators are promoting assimilation and thereby imposing one cultural context at the expense of another.
Thus, we advocate for counselors' development of metacognitive awareness of their cultural context and how their thinking and perceptions may influence the way they view clients' cultural context throughout the course of intervention.
Yet, the cultural context of crisis events is often neglected, despite the subtle influence of culture upon the appraisal of victims and circumstance.
Outside an African American cultural context, this stylistic orientation may be regarded as impulsive and can create considerable consternation for individuals unfamiliar with the African American cultural experience.
Therefore, he reminds readers the extent to which the legal system may be influenced by a cultural context.
If we do not attend carefully to participants' meanings within their cultural context, we risk misunderstanding and misrepresenting them and producing inaccurate results.
Because of the lack of standardized IQ measures in Bangladesh, Wasserman, a child psychologist, adapted the WISC-III for this cultural context.
Careful attention to product presentation and cultural context is necessary, as some marketing strategies could either encourage or discourage covert use, discourage use altogether or alienate male partners, which could make the discovery of covert use more perilous for women.
The Sounds of Milan provides an examination of music and its wider historical and cultural context in early modern Milan.
For the first time, Fisher probes and notes not the technique or the special effects, but file cultural context of the ballet and the people who participate.
Then there are disagreements on the content of science and its cultural context, whether the content is value-free or much shaped by its cultural context.
Writing within the cultural context of ancient Samaria, Hendricks portrays a girl who was deemed not to "know her place" by the cultural standards of the time and who needed to be put back in line to command a suitable bride's price and spend her life bearing sons.
The Holy Father continued "this lofty spirituality retains all its value of witness in the present cultural context, which all too often kindles the desire for deceptive goods and artificial paradises.
Though Hong Kong has a well-developed generally western approach to rehabilitation, these articles highlight attempts to adapt instruments and ideas to a cultural context quite different than that most of us are familiar.
Art education needs to integrate the historical, social, and cultural context.
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