cultural anthropology

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the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society

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Younos briefly explains the classifications of anthropology and cultural anthropology in particular.
com/life/2016/10/students-walk-out-professor-says-all-living-people-descendants-africa) cultural anthropology.
The two associations collaborate but still maintain their differences, one offering a forum to "scholars working within European Ethnology, Folklore Studies, Cultural Anthropology and adjoining fields," the other to "social anthropologists either qualified in, or else working in, Europe.
At least Gusterson admits in one of his articles deriding the Human Terrain Systems (HTS) that cultural anthropology is academia's most left-leaning discipline and that many come to this field with a prejudice related to war and warfare.
PLANS: Major in cultural anthropology with a minor in French at Duke University.
An assistant professor of cultural anthropology at The University of Texas at El Paso, Nunez-Mchiri puts her words into action every day, from offering extra credit to students who participate in a litter clean-up and then record their experience for class, to teaching citizenship classes.
The first online meeting took place in March 2010 for Ozarka students in cultural anthropology to share regional arts, crafts and music of their respective regions, along with interactions about social and civic topics.
The structure and content of the book go far beyond the author's intention, the result being a sort of a trip in the field of social and cultural anthropology that starts as a lecture at university, continues with reflections on the concept of culture and the circumstances of the emergence of modern culture, and it ends in a challenging manner by proposing a direct approach to such topics as sexuality, abortion and cloning.
The gap between the conception of the "imaginary Jew" and the "real Jew" is a cultural distance that differs over time and place, here seen through the lens of cultural anthropology.
commander in chief except Jimmy Carter being a golfer--but the decision of the International Olympic Committee to include it in the 2016 Summer Games suggests that the sport has outstripped its stereotypes and now has worldwide appeal, indicates Orin Stam, a professor of cultural anthropology at Duke University, Durham, N.
This spring semester Sweeney taught Emmanuel's first online class, a cultural anthropology class entitled "The Church and Human Cultures.
2% of the total number of working women in Algeria, said Monday in Algiers Nouria Remaoune, Director of Research Centre in Social and Cultural Anthropology (CRASC).
Chapters use recent neuroscience, cultural anthropology and brain development research to explore the violent trends, spiritual understanding, and how to reverse violence to achieve a higher level of being.
This demands a special kind of warrior, fluent in languages and equally at home with cultural anthropology, medicine, psychology, and social planning.
In the preface he chronicles his journey from an early focus on the historical context of Mark to his shift toward literary and narrative criticism, followed by forays into cultural anthropology, performance criticism, and, finally, the ethics of reading.
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