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a variety of a plant developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation

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Genetic groups when categorized on the basis of mtCOI-II region revealed the following: the populations from the cultivars 'HS1300', 'P59', 'LRK516', 'P1752', 'RS810', 'Abadita' and 'LD327' fell under the Asia II group; those from the cultivar 'LRA5166' as Asia II-7; and those from 'F2036' and 'P86' to the Asia I.
When considering the average toxicity of each cultivar, the Topazio cultivar was the most sensitive to the herbicide.
So scientists want to identify plant traits that could be used to develop food-crop cultivars that thrive despite--or perhaps because of--shifts in carbon dioxide (C[O.
However, little is known about the effect of different oat cultivars on the quality and processability of the mash and the wort.
Si Chen, Chairman and CEO of American Lorain, commented, "We are very glad that the development of the new cultivar of chestnuts has finally been successful.
Thereafter, the plant height and number of leaflets of larvae-infested and non-infested plants of each cultivar were recorded.
The treatments contain different cultivars of cowpea including Kamran, Baghdadi, Texas-Sabili, Farokhshahr, and dwarf Italian cultivar and fertilizer treatments including Nanobiological fertilizer of Biozer, biological phosphate (fertile 2) for soybean, granular urea fertilizer, and control treatment without fertilizer.
The new cultivar is resistant to fire blight and isn't prone to the brown discoloration, called "superficial scald," that affects some pear varieties.
Apple cultivars like Liberty, Freedom, Macfree and Jonafree are selections that resist disease problems and, grown under an Integrated Pest Management system, are virtually pest-free.
Developed with parentage from India, the Benihikari cultivar makes a high quality black tea with a strong incense aroma, whilst the Benihomare cultivar is considered to be the best black tea cultivar in Japan.
Although breeding a commercially-viable vegetable cultivar requires knowledge and expertise, there is always the possibility nature will produce by chance a new cultivar from collected seed.
Five different kabuli cultivars of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L), namely raz, zehavit, bar, HA500 and yarden, were obtained from Volcani Center, Israelis Agricultural Research Institute and one desi cultivar of chickpea was obtained from the Institute of Plant Sciences at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The cultivar Salinas appeared more resistant than the other two cultivare at both 10[sup.