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(of farmland) capable of being farmed productively

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The 2012-2020 national strategy which defines the measures, according to which this complicated, long-term process will be carried out, should increase the cultivable surfaces, at least close to the average surfaces in the EU of six hectares.
Because of this project, Egypt was able to reclaim and cultivate vast swathes of cultivable land, and it also became possible to extend Egypt's inhabitable area beyond the Nile Valley.
Lazim said that the winter agricultural plan envisaged the allotment of 220,000 donums to cultivate wheat and 210,000 donums to cultivate barley out of a total 525,000 donums of cultivable lands reserved for the winter season.
The Cuban government reported in 2008 that half of the country's cultivable land was unproductive, and established a new policy to boost food production and reduce its $1.
A PPPP activist Fazal Khan from Shughor told this scribe that flash flood washed away their standing crops and ruined cultivable land, the only source of income or livelihood.
With its rich natural resources and big amount of cultivable land, Turkey has a great potential to increase her exports of agricultural products, the FAO report also said.
In case of irreparable damage to residence, cultivable land, damage to standing crops, loss of livestock, the owner should be given adequate financial assistance in proportion of the losses borne by him," he added.
The UN deserves credit for drawing attention to it, especially given the increasing pressure on cultivable land and the need to develop nutritious crops which can be grown in areas which are currently unproductive.
The cultivable area of 80,000 hectares in six taluks of the district, and 60,000 hectares were devoted to tea.
Could this not have forced the early farmers westward after they had lost so much of their cultivable land?
In total, GM crops occupied 5% of cultivable crop land in 2004.
rising salinity leading to large non-cultivable areas, as the ratio of non-cultivable land to cultivable land has risen over the years, improper drainage system, poorly developed farm to market roads compared to Punjab, absenteeism of large farm holders are amongst a host of other factors.
Cultivable land was so precious that buildings for the majority had to have as small a footprint as possible.
Out of a total area of about 122,000 sq km, cultivable land constitutes about 1.
More than 200 cultivable bacteria strains were isolated from the samples and their source utilization patterns were determine.