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The provision of recreation facilities is crucial in minimizing negative activities such as cultism and indecent sexual relationships on campuses.
Gibbons, "Chiropractic in America: The Historical Conflicts of Cultism & Science," Journal of Popular Culture 10, no.
Edomwandagbon (2005) held tenaciously to the view that if students who were preparing for both internal and external examination avail themselves of facilities in the various Libraries, read their notes and text books diligently, the incidence of cheating, impersonation and examination malpractice and cultism will be greatly reduced.
the pattern of ascribing to the Kwaio both primitive ignorance and savagery, on the one hand, and childlike credulity towards millenarian cultism on the other; it is a pattern which has been handed down from the colonial masters to their neo-colonial proteges (Keesing 1982:366).
However, in spite of the services being rendered by the counsellors, maladaptive behaviours like lying, bullying, aggression, cultism and examination malpractice, among others, have remained prevalent in our secondary schools.
Even a strong and appropriate culture, built up over decades, is vulnerable to decay and cultism.
than the copying in Brazil of particular aesthetic movements which were in no way universal, such as the cultism of eighteenth-century Italy and Iberia, such as Parnassianism, Symbolism, Impressionism, or the Wagnerism of Leopoldo Miguez, for example.
Further, the star's particular performance in a film is always more than the culmination of the star images in subsidiary circulation; it is a balancing act between fiction and cultism (598).
Jarvis, "Food Faddism, Cultism, and Quackery" (1983) 3 Annual Review of Nutrition 35; Vicki S.
This friendship would last for several years but according to Clarke, he "always had a difference of opinion" with what he called "party cultism.
Bush, the same assumptions reigned--a broad and ambitious conception of "national security," coupled with geopolitics, atomic cultism, and an abiding interest in applying the latest technologies to war.
As for the other provocative thesis, essentially that terrorism is a kind of cultism, the research cited in the book doesn't provide a foundation to establish the relationship between cult and terrorist behavior.
A peak was reached with a truly silly work that is a comment on literary cultism.